10 Best Masked Killers In Movies, According To Ranker

The new horror movie The black phone already terrifies fans with the image of Ethan Hawke as the disturbing masked killer known as The Grabber. Throughout horror movie history, there’s always been something scarier about ruthless killers who hide their faces behind masks.

While many horror movie villains have tried to pull off the look, only some have managed to strike a balance between creepy and memorable. Whether the masks appear briefly or are the bulk of the killer’s image, fans on private soldier highlighted what they think are the best masked men.


ten Hannibal Lecter – The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Hannibal Lecter is one of the greatest movie villains of all time and a great example of how a mask can become iconic even if it’s not very noticeable. For most of the film, the character is seen without a mask, but a scene in which he is seen with a mask became an unforgettable look for the character.

After being seen behind bars for the entire film, Hannibal is brought in to share his knowledge on an investigation. In an image that communicates how dangerous this man is, he is placed in a straitjacket and wears a kind of muzzle that makes him appear like some kind of animal that could attack at any moment.

9 Tomás – The Orphanage (2007)

There have been plenty of scary child characters in horror movies, but not many in masks. However, Tomás manages to be as unsettling as many masked adults in horror movies with his appearance in the Spanish horror flick. The orphanage.

The silent little boy wearing a crudely made sack mask is definitely an image that can send a shiver down the spine of the audience. But Tomás is also a more tragic figure than the typical masked characters in horror movies.

8 Sam – Trick ‘R Treat (2007)

Sam sitting by a pumpkin in Trick 'r Treat.

Sam is another youngster in the horror movie genre and wears a burlap sack mask similar to the one Tomás sports. However, Sam is much more bloodthirsty as he has fun on Halloween.

Trick or treats is an anthology horror film with various macabre tales all together and interconnected on the same Halloween night. And the mysterious Sam watches over it all, a masked trickster who imposes the Halloween spirit on everyone in sometimes brutal ways.

seven Puzzle – Saw (2004)

Saw pig mask

While the scary puppet is what most people remember the Seen movies, Jigsaw’s inventive killer has also occasionally used a very effective mask. Usually seen in scenes where Jigsaw’s victims are abducted, he hides his face behind a terrifying pig mask.

As the series progressed and the mythology of the Seen The franchise grew, flashbacks revealed that there were a number of different characters who wore the mask at different times. As deadly as Jigsaw’s traps are, this pig mask is what could really give fans nightmares.

6 The Outsiders – The Outsiders (2008)

Kristen and James are tied up and tormented in their cabin by three masked intruders in The Strangers

This can be particularly unsettling when masked killers are used in more grounded films, such as the intense home invasion horror flick. The foreigners. It simply follows a couple staying in an isolated cabin who are hunted down and tormented by a group of silent masked assailants.

The ghostly masks of the killers make them look more inhuman against this very real setting which adds to the creepy nature of the film. their silent gaze behind those strange masks and the fact that they have no motivation to do so is truly haunting.

5 The Collector – The Collector (2009)

The Collector isn’t as iconic or acclaimed as some of those other horror films, but the titular killer certainly made an impression on some fans. The film centers on a killer wearing a chef’s mask who rounds up people to use in his sadistic tortures.

The movie was a critical flop and didn’t make much of a financial impact, but it did manage to get a sequel and that’s likely due to fans’ fascination with this brutal and mysterious killer.

4 Ghostface – Scream (1996)

Ghostface is holding a bloody knife in Scream

Although the Scream The franchise often has a lot of fun playing with horror movie tropes, it has stayed true to the idea of ​​a masked killer and managed to come up with its own iconic take on that idea. Ghostface’s mask is unique, terrifying, and something that could plausibly be used by these killers.

It’s also interesting how much it’s an image that means so much in the film universe with each new version of the killers taking on the mask as some sort of homage to the original.

3 Leatherface – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

As one of the oldest masked killers in horror movie history, Leatherface cemented his status as a genre legend. He could also boast of having the most gruesome mask of all his peers.

The fact that Leatherface wields a roaring chainsaw as he pursues his victims is even less intimidating than the fact that he wears a human skin mask. That’s just a glimpse of what makes him such a twisted and creepy figure.

2 Jason Vorhees – Friday the 13th (1980)

Jason Vorhees was an integral part of the Friday 13 franchise from the very beginning. However, Jason wasn’t the first movie’s killer and didn’t even get his signature hockey mask until the third movie. But it quickly became an unforgettable image in horror movies.

The mask itself ranges from pristine to pretty grungy and even gets a sci-fi overhaul in Jason X. But even with his grotesque face under the mask, it’s a face that instantly gets fans on edge.

1 Michael Myers – Halloween (1978)

Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Night Sky

Long before Sam in Trick or treats, Michael Myers got into the Halloween spirit by donning a mask and scaring some teenagers. The ghostly white mask is very effective even though its origins as Captain Kirk’s repurposed mask takes away some of its power.

Interestingly, the mask seemed to be randomly adopted by Michael in the first movie, but it’s now become something directly tied to his existence, especially in the new one. Halloween movies.

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