10 Doomsday Movies That Don’t Focus On Saving It, According To Reddit

The early release of Jordan Peele Nope had both horror and sci-fi fans on the edge of their seats. The trailer exploded onto viewers’ screens and saw the two siblings battling an unknown entity that patiently haunted them from above, with the film’s first look playing on that beloved doomsday theme commonly used in sci-fi movies that play with horror.

As fans wait for it to hit the big screen, sci-fi enthusiasts remember old doomsday movies that veered away from trying to save the world from its impending doom. From final parties to an overwhelming fear of death, these ten movies come to terms with their Doomsday-themed fates.


This is the end (2013)

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It is the end sets a hilarious but twisted take on the end of the world as six friends attend a party, which is interrupted by what feels like the end. The film uses stellar casting and comedy to highlight the mass hysteria when the gang find themselves trapped in the party house, trying to find ways to survive.

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Although the film’s plot revolves around the main character’s desire to stay alive, it does not show him trying to save the collapsing world around them. It is the end instead throws viewers into utter chaos alongside its characters and creates some very funny scenes that make the most of its iconic cast by even poking fun at their celebrity status, with SeekersWorkAccount calling it “super hilarious.”

It’s a Disaster (2014)

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It is a disaster is one of Julia Stiles’ best films, though it’s criminally underrated and somewhat unnoticed by many fans. The film follows Tracy and Glenn as they go to another couple’s house for brunch, but neither couple seems particularly honest with each other until they realize the outside world is on the way. its end, which forces them to reveal their strained truths.

The film sees each character go through a range of different emotions as they come to terms with their inevitable fate. It is a disaster uses black comedy to highlight how some try to deal with death while others learn to come to terms with it through copious amounts of alcohol, which attracts many fans, including listing it as a “high-end apocalypse film”.

These Last Hours (2013)

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These last hours is an apocalyptic thriller that has stayed true to its name as it follows James through his final hours on earth where his plans to attend a party go south when he meets Rose and helps her find her father before their time is up. be shortened.

The film takes a more serious tone without playing into the commonly used trope of saving the world before plunging into armageddon. In place, These last hours explores selfishness in the aftermath of disaster and offers viewers potential insight into the lack of empathy people can have for others in the face of death, ultimately delivering a vital message that JAlfredJR says is “f*** ** unbelievable”.

She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

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She dies tomorrow is a thriller about a group of people who have the same overwhelming feeling that they’re going to die tomorrow, while the film doesn’t explicitly say its plot is about the end of the world, each character’s inevitable death certainly plays into this narrative.

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Redditor satyrpuppy explains how the film is about “a bunch of people coming to terms with the ending” and through its use of dark comedy, softens the blow while encapsulating the fear many people have of death. She dies tomorrow cleverly uses an artistic visual style that mimics the character’s loss of normality, encouraging viewers to feel the same fear that haunts the film’s protagonists.

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

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The cabin in the woods is the best horror movie of the 2010s and gives viewers a false sense of security, with [deleted], pointing out that viewers “don’t even know the world is doomed until the final act”. The film combines comedy and horror as it follows five friends whose stay in a remote cabin turns into something far more gruesome than just a hangover.

The cabin in the woods is action-packed from start to finish, encouraging fans to search for clues alongside the characters as they try to save themselves from death and not total annihilation of the world, until the end when their actions are responsible for the end of the world.

silent night (2021)

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silent night puts a festive twist on Armageddon as Nell and Simon invite their family and closest friends to their Christmas dinner at home, but the fun night they had planned is soon ruined when the group learns it will be their last Christmas as the world faces destruction.

The film not only proves itself as an unconventional Armageddon film, but also as a Christmas movie, with Arliss_Loveless calling it an “apocalypse Christmas movie!”. silent night is littered with dark humor that pokes fun at their impending doom while capturing the group’s hidden fear about what’s about to happen, making for a distinctive yet funny apocalyptic film.

Last Night (1998)

Last night is one of the best apocalyptic films of the 1990s and stars fan favorite Sandra Oh as the wife of a wealthy businessman who seeks suicide after hearing about the fate of the land while Patrick and Craig also search for different ways to make up for their potential fate as the trio’s final moments become entangled.

Last night never lets the audience know why the earth ends, but opens up knowing that the characters on screen have a limited time. Instead of backing it up, the film focuses on the lives of the three characters through cleverly written dialogue that shows how they deal with it. Last night makes for an interesting conversational movie that got the viewer thinking about how they would react, leading one Redditor to call it “[number] 1 in this category”.

How It Ends (2021)

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how it ends combines drama and comedy to replace the typical tragic tone that dominates doomsday movies with an upbeat film that makes fans laugh, regardless of its apocalyptic plot.

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The film uses an unconventional narrative that sees an older Liza in the presence of her younger self, as she decides how to spend her last day. how it ends creates a series of eccentric characters who make viewers laugh while applying satire to cleverly comment on the pandemic, which the film used to its advantage. CeleritasBob pointed out how the film “used an empty LA during COVID as a backdrop” to depict the very end of human existence.

Melancholy (2011)

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Melancholy is Lars Von Trier’s best horror film despite being listed as a sci-fi drama due to its dark nature and terrifying plot. The film stars Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg as sisters whose lives become even more complex when they discover the planet Melancholywhich heads towards them, essentially wiping out the world.

The film features the difficult emotions one can face while learning to accept one’s fate, with the film being known as an allegory of depression through the character of Justine, which made for an “incredibly dark” viewing experience as suggested megmarie22502, summarizing its apocalyptic theme.

Finding a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

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Looking for a friend for the end of the world abandons the usual tone of “end of the world” movies and instead adopts a more positive approach. The film opens with a radio broadcast indicating that the end of the world is near and follows neighbors Penny and Dodge as they help each other get the closure they need before their time on earth is over.

The couple show their awareness of their lack of time, but fill it with a series of incredible adventures that see them descend into utter chaos as well as a growing friendship that deserved far more time than it got. . This unconventional movie is the ultimate doomsday movie that broke fans’ hearts, though many, including meep_42, “loved it”!

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