10 Mystery Movies That Give You Enough Clues To Solve The Case Yourself

Part of the fun of mystery movies is figuring out how everything connects. Whether it’s a seemingly unrelated clue or a deceptively innocent bystander, a good crime movie would use every little detail to arrive at its answer.

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At loggerheads, Psycho and many more, except the big reveal and the explanation of the finale. But some movies have left enough clues for audiences to grasp. As a result, some viewers solved the case before the on-screen detectives.

ten Who Framed Roger Rabbit Barely Hidden Judge Doom’s True Nature

Judge Doom reveals himself in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

It was very easy to guess that Judge Doom was a villain. The mystery of Who Framed Roger Rabbit wasn’t whether he orchestrated the murder of Marvin Acme, but why he did it and who he was. Judge Doom did little to help his case, seen in his villainous name and cartoonish ways. However, all of these were clues pointing to his true self.

Judge Doom acted and looked like a cartoon villain because he was a Toon. By nature, Toons could barely suppress their exaggerated habits and personalities. This explained why Judge Doom stood out so much from the other human characters. Any fan who understood these clues would have guessed who he was before Eddie Valiant.

9 The Prestige deliberately rejected its solution from the start

The Borden brothers prepare for the act in the prestige

When Alfred Borden performed the transported man’s teleportation trick, his rival magician, Robert Angier, couldn’t believe his eyes. Angier was convinced that Borden must have used a scientific marvel for the illusion. Angier ruled out the possibility of cheating, such as using a lookalike. Ironically, this simple answer was correct.

Prestige (directed by Christopher Nolan) opened with the magicians mentor teaching the three acts of any magic trick. It boiled down to tricking the audience into thinking the illusion was more complex than it actually was. Viewers who kept this in mind wouldn’t have glossed over the double body theory like Angier did, thus solving the mystery right away.

8 The Saw movies correctly foreshadowed their big twists

Jigsaw takes Amanda under his wing in Saw 3

The only thing more popular than Jigsaw’s Macabre Traps was each Saw movie twist ends. Critics of the series tended to dismiss them as just forced twists made for a cheap shock. In fact, the opposite is true. A few revelations later Saw the consequences were mentioned from the first Saw.

Seemingly unique characters like Amanda or Detective Hoffman are later revealed to be Jigsaw’s apprentices. The clues planted in a film would pay off after many sequels. Saw fans were so good at solving mysteries that they figured out Dr. Gordon was an apprentice in Saw II, even though it was only canonized in Saw: The final chapter.

seven Happy Death Day’s Time Loops Bring Back Babyface’s Killer

Lori gives Tree a cupcake in Happy Death Day

Blumhouses’ happy day of the dead may be a comedic homage to slasher movies, but it takes Tree’s murder seriously. Tree got caught in a time loop where she repeated her birthday ad infinitum. Each “birthday” ended with his death by a masked assailant. That said, each new death left clues leading back to the culprit.

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Tree’s tired roommate Lori was guilty. Lori attacked Tree with precise timing as she knew Tree all too well. Specifically, Lori was the only one who remembered Tree’s birthday. Clues were planted in each loop. One of the most overlooked clues was Lori’s disappointment every time Tree threw her (poisoned) birthday cupcake in the trash.

6 Shutter Island’s simulated reality left a trail of clues

Dr. Cawley tells Teddy the truth about Shutter Island

Teddy Daniels headed to the Shutter Island Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane to track down killer Andrew Laeddis. It doesn’t take long for things to get unsettling. Not only were the hospital staff and patients acting strange, but some of them were conveniently connected to Teddy’s dark past.

shutter island was a simulation. The staff played detective to help their patient, Andrew, break free from his “Teddy” split personality. Audiences who have noticed how Martin Scorsese is riddled with misleading clichés shutter island was, in homage to Film Noir, quickly realized that Teddy and Andrew were one person. In shutter island, things were not what they seemed.

5 12 angry men broke the case upside down with the public

Juror 8 argues 12 angry men

The revered court drama 12 angry men is a unique detective film since it opened with the solution of the case. The murder suspect was innocent. From there, Juror 8 guided fellow jurors and the audience in questioning the evidence. He did it to find out how the suspect was falsely accused and sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit.

Instead of big twists and shocking revelations, Juror 8 used logical inferences and empathetic deconstructions of the personal biases of witnesses and jurors to make his case. Through 12 angry men halfway through, the audience would have enough clues to properly doubt the evidence presented.

4 Clue offered to the public 3 valid solutions

Wadsworth pulls the gun into the clue

Index may be a parody of detective-class son, but it still had an airtight case at its center. Index saw the wealthy scoundrel Mr. Boddy invite the six people he was blackmailing (and his butler, Wadsworth) to his mansion. Boddy did it to disturb them. However, Mr. Boddy and his house help get himself killed, leaving the guests to solve the mystery.

Index spread out tons of clues, which lead to three possible endings. According to the viewer’s deductions, he could have come up with any of the proposed solutions, and he would be right. Ending C (where everyone was a killer and Wadsworth was actually an incognito Mr. Boddy) is said to be the “real” ending, but that’s a matter of preference.

3 Scream movies make the most sense for avid horror geeks

Ghostface stabs Billy in Scream

the Scream the movies are best known for their self-aware horror movie rules. However, the Scream movies are more than just a meta gag. In truth, the rules foreshadow all Scream installment twist. Anyone with intimate knowledge of how horror movies work would have figured out Ghostface’s shifting identities and methods early on.

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For example, Ghostface “teleported” between victims like classic slasher killers did because they are two killers working together. Randy didn’t make that rule, but it’s something horror fans would take from it. While Ghostface knew which rules to avoid, they still perpetuated the tropes of the genre. The clues were easy for horror fans to solve.

2 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Played With Film Noir Conventions For A Reason

Gay Perry and Harry Aim Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was not the typical parody of film noir. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang did not deconstruct the tropes of the genre for fun, but to emphasize the line between reality and fiction. Many characters have smugly commented on how much the central mystery resembles their in-universe Johnny Gossamer detective films. These characters had a harsh dose of reality to wake them up.

Viewers who remembered it could see where things were going. Although it has not diminished bang bangis of good quality. For example, Gay Perry (bang bang(the only detective) coldly ended Jenna’s “murder” by ruling it a suicide. Perry was right. In a typical film noir, Jenna’s death would have been a murder framed as a suicide as part of a larger plot.

1 The Big Lebowski Mystery Was Crafted To Make No Sense

Walter rejects the guy in The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski’The mystery of s was fueled by the kidnapping of Jeffrey Lebowski’s trophy wife, Bunny, and her connection to a conspiracy ring. The Dude and the public found it impossible to keep track of everything. However, none of that mattered as a convoluted mystery was part of the punchline of this Film Noir parody.

Viewers who gave up on solving the case because it was nonsense were actually right. Bunny freely left her wealthy husband. He used the claim of a kidnapping of his nihilistic friend to embezzle money. Everything else was just white noise. Moreover, Walter Sobchak correctly guessed all of this in the first act, and anyone who took his ramblings seriously would have solved the matter then.

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