10 sci-fi shows everyone seems to love or despise

There have been endless innovations across all entertainment mediums, but particularly significant advancements have been made in television. Television has always had an advantage over movies when it comes to serial storytelling, but television has entered a golden age where there is a higher level of quality than ever before.

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It has also caused television to take greater risks when it comes to the types of storytelling and the different genres they embrace. It can be very difficult to effectively bring sci-fi storytelling to life on television, but there is no shortage of series. This has led to sci-fi television being particularly polarizing, and many shows have very divided, but equally passionate, fan bases.

ten The constant twists and turns of Westworld have become a detriment

There were huge expectations around HBO’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s sci-fi classic, Westworld, and the series has had a very messy trajectory. There is such a promise behind the Westworldgeneral premise of where an “amusement park” of conforming robots suddenly begins to rebel, but Westworld went way beyond that and explored much more complex themes.

WestworldThe initial season of is the perfect blend of mystery and sci-fi, but subsequent seasons bite more than they can chew and put the sci-fi show on a problematic path. Many fans have left the ship, while those who remain are for the long haul.

9 Stranger Things started to stray

Stranger Things Group Photo

It’s really fascinating how success can sometimes be the biggest obstacle in a series. A larger, more mainstream audience also means higher expectations and it is getting harder and harder to please all fans. Strange things started as a romantic throwback in the 1980s and Amblin-style storytelling that filters incredible phenomena through the amazement of children.

Strange things has stuck with that vision, but it feels like the original story shot has stretched and changed as the young actors get older. There are still many devoted Strange things fans, the show’s nostalgic glow has faded to others.

8 The X-Files legacy mixes good and bad

The X-Files - Prometheus post-modern season 5 of Scully Mulder

X files is undeniably an iconic piece of science fiction and genre television due to its ability to blend a serialized story arc with episodic monster of the week installments. X files has over 200 episodes, as well as two feature films. However, there are certainly times that reach diminishing returns and get lost – especially the two seasons of recovery – that make it easier to pay off. X files in general.

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Audiences are fair to criticize some of the show’s biggest missteps, but X files is still fascinating, which is enough for some viewers.

seven Raised by wolves doesn’t flatter its audience

Raised by wolves brings Scott back to stimulating and psychologically rich territory with a series that examines two androids’ attempts to raise human children. Raised by wolves does not spoon feed its audience, and the dense nature of its storytelling frightens some viewers, but attracts others.

6 Legion is infinitely creative, for better or for worse


Legion, a series that lasted three seasons on FX, is arguably one of the most ambitious approaches to a superhero and villain story, but it’s also the perfect example of a show that flies too close to the sun. Noah hawley’s Legion is a visual extravaganza that plays with perception and storytelling in an illuminating way that reflects the deeply frayed mental state of its lead character, David Haller.

Legion the visual tricks and ideas remain unmatched in many ways, but some audiences jumped ship in season two when style began to dominate substance.

5 Sense8 couldn’t maintain its ambitious storytelling for many

sense8 final

The Wachowskis are true master visionaries and even their works that do not fit together completely, like The ancestry of Jupiter, are still breathtaking to see and never lack ambition. The directorial duo forever changed the landscape of science fiction and action cinema and Sens8 marked their foray into television for Netflix.

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Sens8 tells an ambitious, international story where eight foreigners learn that they are all intrinsically linked to each other, as well as the prey of a devious organization. Sens8 had a premature end after two seasons and a closing special, which speaks to its tiny, albeit passionate, audience.

4 Black Mirror’s dark sci-fi parables are too much for some

Prime Minister to film with pig in Black Mirror's

Black mirror has set a very high standard when it comes to storytelling provocative and intelligent anthologies, especially when it comes to science fiction. Strong ideas are on display over the series’ five seasons, but many consider most Black mirrorthe most resistant material to fall before switching to Netflix. Black mirror has gradually diluted, and some audiences cannot buy in due to the deeply nihilistic nature that dominates so many episodes. However, this is exactly what some audiences are looking for in their sci-fi.

3 Dedicated Flash fans can’t get past the inevitable truth

gorilla grodd

Currently in its eighth season and the CW’s oldest lasting holdover Arrowverse, Flash is a science fiction series that has been running on empty for some time for many fans. Flash has a surprisingly strong first season that raised expectations for its future, but a myriad of Speedsters and padded seasons did not do Team Flash a favor. Passionate fans who have not exhausted Flash are still rooted enough to accept that the best years of the show have passed.

2 Heroes is rapidly losing its potential as well as its fan base

It’s fascinating the difference that a little bit of time can make. When Hero debuted on NBC in 2006, it was an extremely new concept to have a superhero show on TV, let alone a show built from an original property. Hero’ The freshman season is its strongest, and its inability to let go of the characters and move to new territory ultimately weakens the show’s potential.

Even the most recent attempt to restart the property with Hero: reborn met a poor response. Many people liked the idea of Hero and what that meant to television more than the show itself.

1 Lost is the ultimate example of science fiction polarization

Jack Shephard lost the ABC

Lost was an inevitable success that helped spark a trend for serialized science fiction shows with “mystery box” approaches to story and exhibition. Lost gets a little shaky in the middle, but it comes to an appropriate conclusion that is mistakenly overruled and simplified. The introduction of more fantastic elements towards the end of Lost is the subject of criticism, but there is still a tremendous love and respect for travel that Lost tells and its success as a character study. Lost is still one of the most polarizing science fiction shows, even years after its end.

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