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Barclaycard Loans
  • Amount: up to $ 5000
  • Urgency: 24 hours
  • Term: 12 months
  • Requirements: Of legal age, residence in Spain, solvency
  • Advantages: without changing banks, 1% refund on purchases, insurance and free services
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Barclaycard Loans and Credits Solocitar Online

In this article we are going to introduce you to one of the "big fish" - a very popular and powerful company in the financial market. Barclays Group operates four business units and has headquarters around the world. Barclaycard's first credit card was issued 50 years ago in the UK. To date, the company maintains a leading position among payment systems, and has millions of customers. In Spain, Barclaycard exists since 1999, based in Mochigan.

Therefore, let's analyze products of this financial entity - they are the two types of credit cards - New Barclaycard Visa and Barclaycard Gold. Both products are one of the modern payment tools to make purchases in any store, shopping center, or to pay various services. In addition, with these cards you can withdraw your cash at specialized ATMs or use the card to obtain a quick credit, if you need to have money urgently for unforeseen expenses.

The New Visa Barclaycard imposes you from APR 26.70%. As an example, consider the card with the amount drawn 1,500 dollars, which is refundable within 12 months with a monthly fee of 141.77 dollars.

The Barclaycard Gold card will cost you APR 24.90% - for the same amount of $ 1,500. You need to make 12 monthly payments the size of 140.71 dollars.

What is the difference between these two types from each other?

If we talk about the Barclaycard Visa, customers are very satisfied with its advantages:

  • The cashback 1% of all purchases in stores or any establishment;
  • Primary transfer of funds from your Barclaycard to your savings account will be absolutely free;
  • You will not be bothered by any annual fee for the use of the card in the first year (as well as in subsequent years) in the case of compliance with all the rules of Barclaybank;
  • You have the possibility to change the form of your fees and pay as many times as you want, for this you just have to contact the Barclaycard customer service;
  • The outstanding debt is paid in monthly installments in the amount of 3% (in the case of means of consumption of more than 150 dollars per month) of the loan granted, but with a minimum commission of 7.50 dollars. If you decide to pay the entire debt at once, without delay, 59 days of free use will be available to you.
  • Barclaycard credit card limit is $ 5,000, which can be used as an instant loan and get quick cash at any Barclaycard or Visa ATM. Now we look at the Barclaycard Gold card. Don't believe it, but it is also profitable and has many special advantages, such as:
  • ATM Theft Insurance: If up to $ 600 was stolen when withdrawing cash from an ATM, or within two hours, the bank will refund your stolen money. The maximum cost of the insurance will be 1,500 dollars and, consequently, you will need to file a complaint with the police.
  • Free insurance against damage or loss of your card purchases from the date of issue and until delivery to your address. The insurance covers your purchases made with the Barclaycard Oro card worth up to $ 6,000 and up to $ 8,000 for one card per year .

If you agree that all of these convenient Barclaycard credit card services are needed and you will appreciate the convenience of using these products, it will be helpful to you to know the procedure for registering an application.

There are several ways. For example, you can apply for this through the Barclaycard website and fill in the online form with your personal data (first name, last name, date of birth), as well as data on income and commitments of available entities, do not forget to provide your bank account number, from which the monthly payments will be made.

Of course, you can request a card in person at any Barclaybank office or call the phone number that appears on its official website

To cancel Barclaycard services, you have to go to any office or call the indicated number. Also, you can send a letter to your email, but nevertheless the most reliable way would be to send burofax to the address in Zaragoza that you can see on the website.

Barclaycard Contacts for Quick Loans and Microcredits:

  • Assistance service: Information about our credit cards: Telf: 901 01 00 00 Fax: 976 98 06 27 Direct line for our clients: Telf: 901 01 02 03 Fax: 976 98 06 28 Emergency direct line in case of loss or Card theft: Lost and stolen emergency telephone number (24 hours): 900 952 912 Emergency telephone number when you are abroad: +34 976 980 704 *
  • Website:
  • Hours: Information about our credit cards: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Direct line for our clients: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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