11 of the best mistaken identity films

Hollywood constantly exploits familiar and successful themes for its new films. One of these common themes is the film on “the mistaken identity”. In this kind of story, the protagonist is usually mistaken for someone else, which ends up causing him big problems in his life. Ultimately, the protagonist must prove that he is who he claims to be.

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This story has been recycled over the years and adapted to fit many different storylines, whether it’s action, thriller, drama, or comedy. Many films that feature the mistaken identity storyline have proven to be popular, some even becoming classics, so audiences can expect to see this type of story for a long time.

11 Lucky number Slevin

Lucky number Slevin

In Lucky number Slevin, a guest named Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is mistaken for his friend by the mob and forced to strike a blow at their rival’s son. The film is notable for having a star cast that includes Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and more.

The film is a clever mix of comedy and action with crisp dialogue and an overall stylized look. Despite mixed reviews, the performance of large retailers was praised and Lucky number Slevin was a modest box office success.

ten The majestic

The majestic Jim Carrey

In The majestic, Jim Carrey plays a blacklisted screenwriter who suffers from amnesia after a car accident. He is then taken to a town that believes he is actually a local soldier who was allegedly killed during WWII. Eventually, his memory returns, and he must choose between staying who he thought he was or telling the truth and risking breaking their hearts.

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Directed by Shawshank’s Redemption Frank Darabont, The majestic stars Jim Carrey in his most Jimmy Stewart-esque role and is a tribute to old Frank Capra films that preach American values, besides being a great love letter to film himself.

9 A romantic date

A romantic date tells the story of a couple (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) in a boring marriage who, while trying to reinvigorate their relationship by having a romantic evening, get caught up as a different couple wanted by a gangster. Their romantic evening turns into a night of espionage where they essentially have to become the people they are accused of being in order to survive.

A romantic date cleverly takes the mistaken identity premise and uses it to impart excitement and adventure into a couple’s relationship, and their marriage ultimately grows stronger as a result. A hit-and-miss comedy when released in 2010, critics and audiences alike loved Carell and Fey’s pairing for their great chemistry together.

8 Dave

Kevin Kline in Dave - Movie Presidents

Directed by ghost hunters director Ivan Reitman, Dave concerns the titular character (Kevin Kline), a presidential impersonator who is hired by the chief of staff to double for the president in order to cover up a scandal. Now he must cheat on the First Lady and lead the country as president.

The film is a light and clever satire on American politics, and audiences liked the idea of ​​an ordinary person becoming president. Dave was critically and commercially successful, earning praise from then-President Bill Clinton, and it received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

7 The bad man

Henry Fonda looking in a cracked mirror in The Wrong Man

With The bad man, legendary director Alfred Hitchcock made one of his few films based on a true story and it has become widely regarded as one of his best. The film is about Manny (Henry Fonda), a musician trying to borrow money from a bank to pay for his wife’s surgery. However, he is mistaken in the bank for someone who had previously robbed him, and from there Manny’s life spirals out of control.

The bad man has been discussed by many critics over the years, the reflections of famous director Jean Luc Goddard on the film being the most striking: “The subject of this film lies less in the unforeseen of events than in their probability”.

6 The Monster (Il Mostro)

Roberto Benigni holds a knife in The Monster

Before Roberto Benigni made the classic masterpiece Life is Beautifulhe was a successful Italian comedy star, and his greatest success was comedy Il Mostro or The monster. In the film, Benigni plays Loris, a simple model handler mistaken for a notorious serial killer known as “The Monster”.

Despite not being the killer, Loris’ odd behavior continues to convince people that he is and hilarity ensues. Upon release, the film became the highest-grossing Italian film of all time, with many comparing Benigni to Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.

5 Brian’s life

Crucifiction scene in the life of Brian as Monty Python

One of the best mistaken identity films is also considered the most controversial. Created by acclaimed comedy crew Monty Python, Brian’s life concerns Brian, a man born on the same day as Jesus, who finds himself wrong with him, bringing him back crowds of devotees.

Although banned in several countries when it was released, it has since become a comedy classic and an incredibly funny (though some might say blasphemous) critique of religion. The film is also famous for its ironic closing song that Brian sings during the crucifixion: “Always look on the bright side of life”.

4 The great Lebowski

Walter and the guy in The Big Lebowski

In the classic Coen Brothers crime comedy The great Lebowski, stoner Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is assaulted at his home because his attackers believe him to be a millionaire, also named Jeffrey Lebowski. From there, he’s hired by the other Jeffrey Lebowski to deliver a ransom and it all hilariously falls apart.

The Coen brothers attempted to tell a mystery à la Raymond Chandler, but using the most unlikely characters. Despite his failure on his release, The great Lebowski has become a classic and is considered one of the funniest movies of all time.

3 Galaxy quest

Jason, Gwen and Dane on a spaceship

Similar in premise to the comedy classic Three Amigos, Galaxy quest concerns have been actors of a Star Trek-like a show called “Galaxy Quest”, which according to an alien race are real heroes and therefore they enlist them to defend themselves against an evil ruler.

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Galaxy quest presents an intelligent, funny and also tender storyline, as the actors, embarrassed by their work, discover how important and meaningful it is. A modest success at the exit, Galaxy quest has become a classic and there is often talk of some sort of follow-up series or movie.

2 North to northwest

Cary Grant in the north by the northwest

North to northwest is perhaps the most famous story of a mistaken identity ever to appear on the screen. Directed by master Alfred Hitchcock, the film stars Cary Grant as a man mistaken for a government agent before being chased across the country by a spy. Along the way, the film features plenty of exciting action scenes, including the iconic crop duster scene, as well as the classic fight atop Mount Rushmore.

North to northwest remains one of Hitchcock’s most influential films, not only on the subject of mistaken identity, but also the archetypal action thriller that is still in use today, and it is considered one of the greatest movies of all time.

1 Be there

Peter Sellers at table to be there

Based on the book, Be there stars comedy legend Peter Sellers in perhaps his most brilliant role. He plays Chance, a gardener whose knowledge only comes from television. He takes himself for a businessman and ends up becoming the president’s political adviser.

Be there was praised upon its release and is now considered a classic. The film remains a satire that critics and audiences alike have tried to interpret, especially its memorable final scene. Be there was nominated for several Oscars, including one for Sellers, but he returned home empty-handed.

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