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Flexible Loan
Flexible Loan
  • Amount: € 500 to € 3000
  • Urgency: In a few minutes
  • Term: 3 and 6 months
  • Requirements: Residence in Spain, debit card, income over $ 1000
  • Advantages: Immediate response, no paperwork, 100% online
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Flexible loan is fast money with excellent conditions

Flexible loan up to 3000 dollars in 6 months

Ok Money, being a microcredit company, dedicated to helping those who need it in urgent financial situations, has at your disposal an excellent way to request quick money. Ok Money offers you flexible credit so you can get out of trouble. As it is called, the flexible loan is designed, taking into account the confidential analysis of many applications for fast online loans that were issued by Ok Money to its clients. The amounts of money that are usually borrowed regularly were taken into account, the terms that customers need to make returns were analyzed. The analysis included requests for online credit extensions, etc. In this way, an excellent product was obtained, called a flexible loan with repayment terms of up to 6 months.

How to request a flexible Ok Money loan using the loan comparator?

Thanks to the advantages offered by the web, we have the possibility of requesting fast loans at any time of the day without leaving home. We can borrow money from our desktop computer, using our mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

On the Ok Money website, when requesting the flexible loan modality, you will have at your disposal a comfortable interactive menu, where you can choose your fast credit options and always be informed of their conditions and full cost.

Once you have determined the amount of borrowed money that you need, and you have entered it in the form along with the estimated return period, the system will show you all the detailed information: the return period, the monthly payment to be paid, the commission charged by the system, the APR in case you need this information, and the total amount to be paid.

What is the amount of fast Ok Money credits that can be requested with the flexible loan modality?

You can request a loan of up to 1000 dollars, and you can repay it within a period of between 3 and 6 months. Flexible credits up to $ 3,000 are available for regular customers. They are cheap online loans, and you can benefit from excellent amounts of money, taking advantage of the friendly treatment and transparency offered by the Ok Money microfinance company, available at

Advantages of a flexible loan

Flexible loan up to 1000 dollars in 6 months

To make it easy for you, flexible loans are issued without paperwork or hidden charges. You will practically not have to wait, since they are fast loans via the web , and you will have your answer immediately. Compared to banks, the speed of this service and its low customer requirements are a very important advantage today. Imagine needing urgent money, entering a branch and first queuing to be treated, then it turns out that while you were waiting, the entity's working hours ended, and in case they attend you while you are inside, the attention turns out to be superficial and they tell you to come back tomorrow. You arrive the next day and they tell you that you are missing a document, that you are missing another, etc. In case you manage to gather all the documentation requested by the bank (it is not easy to do so, due to the high requirements they have), you hand it over and they tell you that they will call you. Imagine that all that was on a Friday, what if you touch a bridge in front? While you wait, your financial urgency can turn into a huge financial problem with no solution!

But the solution is here, with a flexible loan it is a 100% online solution without waiting, with fast money at your disposal. Flexible online loans, apart from being comfortable, are safe, since Ok Money has more than 30 years of experience in the microfinance sector.

Requirements to request flexible loans on the Internet and get fast money

The minimum requirements to request quick credits are the following: Flexible loan up to 1000 dollars in 6 months

  • On the date of applying for your fast online credit, you must be of legal age, in accordance with Spanish legislation and you must reside in Spain
  • You must have a minimum income of 1000 dollars per month
  • You need to have a mobile phone number that is at your disposal, to be able to receive calls and SMS messages
  • You must have a bank card (a debit card) so that we can transfer your money quickly
  • You must not have current loans in Ok Money (we refer to active loans)
  • It is important not to appear in records of defaulters (delinquency records) RAI / ASNEF
  • You must accept the terms and conditions of your fast loan in Ok Money, as well as the privacy policies of this microfinance company

How to repay flexible loans in Ok Money?

Ok Money makes it easy for you. To make the return of your fast credit online you can use different convenient forms offered by this company. For example, on the expiration date you can be automatically charged the amount owed to your debit card. Also, if it is more comfortable for you, you can make a bank transfer or deposit the money in the specified account. And if you need an extension they will grant it to you.

Apply for a cheap flexible loan with excellent conditions and sleep easy!

Flexible Loan and Quick Loan Contacts:

  • Helpdesk: (+34) 901 848 000
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Facebook:
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