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Abanca Account Clara
Abanca Clear Account Quick Loans
  • Amount: Free opening
  • Urgency: In 5 minutes
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Age: 18+, identity document
  • Advantages: Free online account, Abanca smart card two in one (debit + credit), without payroll, without visiting the bank, checking account + term account with interest and without penalties
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Abanca Cuenta Clara Loans and Quick Credits

The Clara Abanca Account is a checking account for individuals. This new account offered by Abanca is 100% online and combines a checking account and a savings account so that you can manage your money in a comfortable and flexible way and at the same time save by charging interest with your savings account.

Abanca Cuenta Clara works in a very simple way and the balance exceeding $ 3000 each month will be automatically transferred to your savings account (deposit). Your associated savings account provides you with a nominal interest of 0.05% (equivalent to 0.05% APR). On the other hand, if you make the direct debit of your payroll on a monthly basis, it can also be your pension or regular income for an amount greater than $ 1500, the interest increases up to 0.15% . All the interest that you get in your savings account is transferred to your checking account. The currency of the account is dollars, to open the account you must be 18 years or older, have an identity document (DNI, Passport, NIE), identity verification will be carried out online or in person at Abanca.

Abanca Account Clara

Key points of the Clara de Abanca Account

Abanca Cuenta Clara is an account without commissions or requirements . The deposit (savings account) associated with the account allows you to charge interest for the money deposited (from 0.05% to 0.15%). You can have a free debit card. You can receive your salary in the account. You can direct your receipts. You will be able to withdraw money for free anywhere in the world (for those under 35 years old). You can make transfers and money transfers. You can also make immediate transfers at a cost of $ 1. Here you can see more information about it and about how to open a Clear Abanca Account, or if you prefer, continue reading here at

Abanca Account Clara

Take 150 dollars for directing your payroll in Abanca

If you want to take 150 dollars and enjoy a higher interest rate on your Abanca deposit, all you have to do is direct your payroll and contract the Clara Account. As previously mentioned, the Abanca Clara Account allows you to manage your money with total flexibility without commissions, without maintenance or administration costs . You can make free transfers, have a credit card or debit card free of issuance fees or renewal fees. You can withdraw money for free at Abanca, at Euro6000 network ATMs, at Bankia, Banco Sabadell and at ATMs located abroad.

By clicking on this link you can open Abanca's Clara Account and check all the information on the official Abanca website.

Abanca App - the clear account on your mobile

You can download the Abanca App and benefit from all the advantages of digital banking . Abanca has for you one of the best mobile banking applications so that you can do all your operations and manage your money with maximum flexibility without having to go to the bank. Remote banking is the future and you will be able to manage your clear account with your smartphone through a convenient application, with your PC or laptop through the web browser interface. Different options, full control, maximum safety and comfort.

Abanca Account Clara

Save with the clear Abanca Account

You can save with Abanca Cuenta Clara because it is an account that combines a checking account and a savings account with interest in your favor . You can save your money because there are no maintenance fees, because there are no administration fees. You can save because withdrawing money at ATMs in Spain and abroad is free. You can save because you can operate online and you don't have to physically go to the bank, you don't have to queue, you don't have to adapt to different uncomfortable schedules.

Abanca Cuenta Clara is a strong response to traditional banking and in favor of the client. Saving, many times even regardless of its amount, is a great stimulus to living with greater happiness . It also helps you change the way you see money and the way you manage it. Saving is very important and the Clara de Abanca Account offers you this possibility in a permanent and automatic way.

Abanca Account Clara

How to open a Clear Abanca Account

You can open Abanca's Clara Account through the Internet or in an Abanca branch. This account can have a maximum of 2 holders (each client may contract a maximum of two Clara Accounts). If you want to open an online account in Abanca now you can do it through a video call, it is very fast and convenient, you can open your account in a matter of minutes 100% online, wherever you are. Also, if you prefer, you can do it using a form that you will find on the official website of Abanca. Here, through the financial portal, you can also open Abanca's Clara Account by clicking on " Request " and you will be automatically redirected to the official Abanca website, to the corresponding section, so you don't have to search and spend your valuable weather.

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