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EVO Smart Account Quick Loans and Credits
  • Amount: Free opening
  • Urgency: In 5 minutes
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Age: 18+, identity document
  • Advantages: Free online account, two-in-one Evo smart card (debit + credit), without payroll, without visiting the bank, checking account + term account with interest and without penalties
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Evo Cuenta: Smart products at your disposal

Nobody escapes from the maelstrom of technological advance, no sector is exempt from the challenge of renewing itself, increasing its productivity, advancing in the relationship with its customers, making them increasingly simple and effective.
If we look at the customer's point of view, the same thing happens, the need for fast and efficient solutions is a shared need. All aspire to smart products that make life easier, solutions that save time to spend with family, work or enjoyment .
The banking sector does not escape this reality either, and it has set itself the challenge of going through this maelstrom to advance over the traditional vision that places them in the perception of the stagnant bureaucracy with restrictive procedures that are difficult to circumvent.
In that order of ideas, products such as Evo Cuenta are framed, an intelligent account that combines two interconnected accounts that allow you to save automatically .

How does the Evo Smart Account work?

You will have at your disposal a checking account for daily expenses and another for your savings remunerated at 0.20% APR up to 30,000 dollars, which allows you to charge interest month by month.
Every month in your EVO checking account the balance that is above 3,000 dollars will be transferred to your EVO savings account, without charging commissions (national or community transfers (SEPA) in dollars, national checks, will not generate commissions, either. maintenance or notification to the mobile phone). Opening a checking account at EVO offers great advantages!
In Spain you can withdraw money on debit without charges in more than 16,000 ATMs with no minimum amount and no withdrawal limits . In any other ATM it is also free if you withdraw 120 dollars or more.
Abroad, EVO Cuenta does not imply the collection of commissions for withdrawing money, however, the entities that own the ATM in some cases - according to their terms and conditions of operation - could eventually imply an amount for their services.
And if you need to deposit, you have 2,393 post offices throughout Spain to deposit your money, and 1,107 ATMs throughout the Spanish territory.
Additionally, the Evo Smart Account can be complemented with an EVO Smart Card , which offers the services of a debit card and a credit card at the same time. This gives you the best of both worlds, the best of both financial instruments.
You will have the possibility to define if you pay for the breakfast you ate in the morning in a cafeteria instantly, and on the other hand, you will also decide if you pay for the air tickets for a previously scheduled trip in installments .
You can choose a payment method established on your card, which you can change at any time.
All controlled from your online bank service and without surcharges.
There are multiple lines of work for banks to offer smart products, Evo Cuenta is proof of this trend, which clearly marks the general characteristics of the near future of the entire sector. You can open an account at EVO Banco or see other options offered by

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