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Monese - open a bank account online with your mobile
  • Amount: Free opening
  • Urgency: Instantly
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Age: 18+, identity document
  • Advantages: Free online account, without proof of address, with Credit Checker, without visiting the bank, free online debit card, for anyone residing in the European Economic Area
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Monese: An alternative to traditional banking

The current evolution of global connectivity poses challenges for all sectors of life in society, and banking is not disconnected from this sentence of the times we live in.
There are multiple investments in the banking sector to optimize customer service, from chatbots with Artificial Intelligence in their Contact Centers, to loyalty techniques and the promotion of new financial tools and products. To manage your money fast .
Bank accounts do not escape this trend, they must be framed in the use of cutting-edge technology that facilitate operations for increasingly global clients.
Monese in this area offers safe and easy-to-use accounts . It is also relatively easy to open an account in Monese, from a mobile application it is possible to follow the instructions to do so.
If you wish to do so, you will be required to verify your account - you can do it with a photo taken with your mobile - and to send your identity document. In this way, the technology of the Monese application allows you to verify your identity, and in a few minutes receive your account data.
The Monese checking account gives you access to unlimited transactions : transfers, debit cards, withdrawing money from ATMs, and also allows direct debits. It also gives you access to a debit card that we can characterize as follows:
Monese Contactless Debit Card : It is a card that you can use in more than a hundred countries, accepted in a wide variety of online commerce. Combine the services of a debit card with the possibilities of a prepaid card.
All your financial procedures can be classified and categorized for better control, you will also receive notifications in real time so that you do not lose track of the situation of your finances, all from the comfort of your mobile.

Opening an account with Monese also offers many other benefits

If you lose the card you can block it through the application installed on your mobile, if you find it you can unlock it , otherwise, request a new one.
Every day Monese expands its reach and financial products, which also include a mobile checking account for businesses . With free Contactless card, and supported in 12 languages.
The flexibility of these financial services allows users to optimize the time they dedicate to their banking operations, transactions are fast and comfortable, adapted to the needs of the fast-paced life of today's society. Through you can open a free online account in Monese or an online account in other financial entities available on the web.
Every day the bank offers a range of possibilities that take their clients away from complications and cumbersome and restrictive procedures, bring them closer to saving their time to use it in caring for their loved ones and enjoying themselves and allow them to plan their evolution of his life and his business.
Evaluating the possibilities available in the financial services sector will lead you to open an online checking account in Monese , since it provides alternatives for the organization and control of the management of your finances, according to the nature of the operations you carry out.

Monese Contacts for Quick Loans and Microcredits:

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