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Open an online account at N26
  • Amount: Free opening
  • Urgency: Instantly
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Age: 18+, identity document
  • Advantages: Free online account, without payroll, without visiting the bank, free online debit card, 19 currencies, without commissions
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N26: More than a bank - online account in 19 currencies

Banking financial products and services are advancing at a rapid pace, hand in hand with increasing levels of connectivity and the need for customers to optimize time.
For today's clients, the organization and efficient control of their finances must provide them with effective time of enjoyment, nobody wants restrictive procedures, anachronistic procedures that occupy time that does not spare. Opening an online account at N26 is very easy !
N26 offers various financial products ranging from a bank account or a credit card, to financing for your business.
Bank Account: No commissions or hidden requirements, designed for a safe and simple financial activity. With fast money at your disposal With free national transfers and international transfers made in 19 different currencies at the real exchange rate and from the comfort of an application.
You also have N26 Spaces available to organize your transfers in sub accounts and keep track. In addition to the own labels that you can create to define what each operation performed corresponds to. The N26 online bank offers you many possibilities not available in a conventional bank .
All this allows you to automatically categorize your operations and know what percentage of your income represents each expense or operation. Thus, you will be able to adjust your expenses, save, invest, know the scope of your operations and the movement of your account in an orderly manner.
You can access your account from a computer or from your mobile, export the history of operations, access your account with your fingerprint or with facial recognition, receive instant notifications of each movement.
Each operation is supported by high security levels, thanks to the technology and tools that N26 has, all your online payments have the necessary security level .

How to open an account at N26?

The process is simple, you register, download the N26 application, verify your identity and synchronize it with your mobile.
Credit Cards: You can access N26, N26 You and N26 Metal. Each of these credit cards offers advantages that you must assess to select the one that suits you best.
The N26 card allows free withdrawals or withdrawals and commission-free payments in any currency . Bank N26 is one of the online banks available at
N26 You: they are 9.90 dollars a month, withdrawals and payments are made without commissions, you can withdraw money in any currency, you will enjoy insurance (travel and purchases).
N26 Metal: It involves 16.90 dollars per month, withdrawals and payments without commissions, in any currency, insurance included and Customer Service.
N26 is a modern financial institution, adapted to the new times, that offers you the possibility of opening an online account , and finally we will mention that it also offers an account for freelancers with insurance (Business You), it is a premium bank account for freelance businesses and freelance that includes all the benefits of N26 You, and an additional 0.1% cash back on your purchases.
If you take a good look and know what banks were capable of doing until recently, you can affirm that N26 is more than just a bank.
Find out, compare, decide and enjoy opening an account at N26

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