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Micropréstamos online

You have the best microloans online because as always, in our microfinance advice portal we are here to give you the necessary information. We normally think of total ease as fairytale, magical and unreal. It is normal, since we are moved by an instinct and sense of rationality, as well as the disbelief that there is something super easy and simple to achieve without lifting a finger. It can be explained as something that breaks stereotypes and the configuration of the organization of this world. From our childhood we are taught that to achieve something valuable, you must do some chore or you have to overcome yourself to achieve it. When we see something very desired, but very easy to obtain, then we cannot believe it - how can it be so simple ?! We have many doubts and we suspect that there is something wrong there and someone is lying to us. We listen to our basic instinct to defend ourselves against something bad that can hurt us.

We are surrounded by easy-to-get things that are free or almost free - the beach, our children's smiles, free grocery bags, “love” for just one night, and so on. But to achieve this, you still have to spend a little money - the trip to the beach, the shopping, the trip to a bar, etc., - all the affordable things do not come without expenses in the end. That is why we are very surprised when something very attractive and desirable is proposed to us and we are told that just by reaching out, it can be achieved. When we have an urgent need to get money quickly , we always imagine that it is a very difficult process, that you have to ask someone, have an uncomfortable conversation, have a lot of paperwork, present a payroll, or even look for a guarantor or endorsement.

  • Amount: € 50 to € 900
  • Urgency: In 15 minutes
  • Term: 7-30 days
  • Requirements: No payroll, no guarantee, reside in Spain, have a Spanish DNI / NIE, be over 20 years old, have a bank account in Spain
  • Advantages: First credit up to $ 300 free, speed, flexibility, no heavy questions
  • Amount: € 750 to € 5000 for the first time
  • Urgency: In a few seconds
  • Term: Depends on the applicant
  • Requirements: Be over 18 years old, without payroll, DNI / NIE
  • Advantages: Few requirements - large amounts, possibility of prepayment, money for foreigners
  • Amount: € 50 to € 1000
  • Urgency: Up to 15 minutes
  • Term: 5-45 days
  • Requirements: residence in Spain and age from 25 to 70, absence from delinquent lists
  • Advantages: request through sms, without endorsement and paperwork
  • Amount: € 75 to € 750
  • Urgency: In 15 minutes
  • Term: 7-30 days
  • Requirements: No payroll, no endorsement, with Credit Checker, no paperwork
  • Advantages: Availability, flexibility, speed, ease
  • Amount: € 50 to € 900
  • Urgency: Few minutes
  • Term: 1-30 days
  • Requirements: residence in Spain and age from 21 to 75
  • Advantages: Free first loan

We have online microloans for any situation

It's amazing, but not everyone is informed about the advantages of online microloans yet and doesn't even know the truth about the microfinance market. Meanwhile, more and more inhabitants of European countries solve their financial problems instantly and request microloans online without papers (or fear). Really, they are not afraid of fast loans that seem very dangerous and risky? Yes, it is true, they do not suspect or doubt anything. Maybe it happens because people read a lot of information that is available on the Internet ( including our website ) and read a lot of positive reviews as well. Thus, step by step, we lose stereotypes and fears about loans at the moment, which sound “too easy” to get.

Why were doubts and common sense instincts finally taken away from us? We apply to our logic. Well, to apply for a quick microloan we don't need much effort or leave home. Only a device with Internet and the DNI or NIE - 15 minutes and we already have money on the bank card . On the other hand, the microfinance market has already existed for many years, and it does not die, it becomes popular and reinforces its position every year. As we can see, people are not stupid and they will not believe in something that does not work, or in unreliable things.

  • Amount: € 500 to € 4000
  • Urgency: In 24 hours
  • Term: 1-72 months
  • Requirements: Payroll, without endorsement.
  • Advantages: Flexibility, availability.
  • Amount: € 100 to € 1000
  • Urgency: In 5 minutes
  • Term: 61-90 days
  • Requirements: DNI / NIE of Spain, of legal age
  • Advantages: no paperwork, no payroll, free first loan
  • Amount: Up to $ 2000
  • Urgency: 15 minutes
  • Term: Up to 12 months
  • Advantages: Free first credit, 100% online, 40% discount for clients, 30% discount on the extension, HalCash, line of credit
  • Amount: € 50 to € 1000
  • Urgency: 10 minutes
  • Term: 5 days - 3 months
  • Requirements: Spanish residence, of legal age, NIE, verifiable income
  • Advantages: no endorsement or paperwork
  • Amount: € 50 to € 600
  • Urgency: In 10 minutes
  • Term: 7-30 days
  • Requirements: No payroll, no endorsement
  • Advantages: Extension for 30 days, payment in advance saving

Online microloans are popular and recognized by the population

We can read it on social networks, and listen to the advertising of lenders on the radio, and see them on TV. So we realize that yes, this works well and helps a lot in unforeseen situations or force majeure. Microfinance institutions today issue online microloans of 300 dollars and much more , even amounts up to 1000 dollars which is a very good amount to buy something that is needed now, instead of waiting to receive the payroll. There are also many very advantageous promotional offers, in which you can request a free loan without commissions . Go figure! Many MFIs accept people listed on Credit Checker and in debt. Yes, life is full of surprises and it is not at all strange that we sometimes apply for financial help. See how many possibilities there are to solve! You just have to choose a lender.

Okay, we add a fly in the ointment - sometimes it's not so easy to get microloans online . In addition to having access to the Internet, you must also meet the minimum requirements, the same for all companies. Be 18 years of age, valid Spanish DNI or NIE, your own bank account, and a certificate of constant monthly income (it can be payroll, pension, benefit or etc.) We also point out that patience and 15-20 minutes of time are needed free, to fill out an application on the website of the chosen lender. Not a lot of work to access the fast money, right?

Now we make the conclusion: Online microloans are for everyone of legal age, and there is no doubt - requesting a microloan is easy , but the payment that you will force yourself to give for this facility is a commission that can be high at times. Follow our news at and we will tell you much more!

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