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  • Amount: 150 dollars as a gift
  • Urgency: Instantly
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Domicile payroll 600+ dollars, DNI, telephone, email
  • Advantages: 150 dollars as a gift, online account without commissions, digital banking, 100% online, extra advantages
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Liberbank Payroll Account

To open a nominee account in Liberbank, it may be of interest to you to know that Liberbank is currently the eighth listed bank in Spain (Spanish bank) and also constitutes one of the largest European banking groups - one of the 128 largest, which is subject to the regulation of the European Central Bank. The Liberbank bank was established in 2011 by the Cajastur Group - a group that includes the Bank of Castilla-La Mancha, Caja de Extremadura and Caja Cantabria. Liberbank is a retail bank, specializing in the segments of families, SMEs and the self-employed (self-employed). If you want to open an account in Liberbank it is important that you know that in these sectors the bank is a leader and a financial institution of great reference in the markets of Extremadura, Asturias, Castilla La Mancha and Cantabria.

You can earn money by opening an account at Liberbank

Yes, you can get 150 dollars for opening an account at Liberbank ! If you open an account and direct debit a payroll or pension of more than 600 dollars, you are the holder or you hire a debit card and you register your email, Liberbank will give you 150 dollars . It is a good promotion, but it is a limited promotion, so it may be convenient not to wait and open an account at Liberbank as soon as possible .
What else can be gained by having a savings account at Liberbank? The truth is that you earn a lot, there are many economic advantages, time savings and comfort in general.
Let's start with the mere fact that the SIN Online Account is a fee-free bank account , an account with a free debit card. It's easy to open, there's no paperwork, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes.
You will have the advantages of a modern online account , which does not require maintenance payments or administration payments, nor will you pay money to make ordinary transfers.
Liberbank's free card gives you the option to withdraw cash at more than 18,000 ATMs without paying fees .

What is Liberbank digital banking?

Liberbank's digital banking is a Distance Banking - a Liberbank service through which you have the possibility of managing your accounts 100% online, managing your money online and doing your banking through a device (PC, laptop, phone, tablet) connected to the Internet, without having to go to your office or bank branch .
If you are not yet a customer of Liberbank's remote banking, you can sign up without leaving home in a matter of minutes or go to one of the Liberbank offices, and once the convenient and quick process is completed, you can use as best you appropriate the services that digital banking offers you , wherever you are and whatever time it is.
For your convenience you can download the Online Banking APP (Liberbank's online banking application)

There are good advantages!

- The Liberbank mobile application is free: it does not involve any cost, you do not have to pay for registration or maintenance to use the service.
- The Liberbank mobile application is fast and simple: you will have at your disposal a world of possibilities and operations, everything at your fingertips, transfers, transfers, mobile recharge, money management and full control of your account, etc. Without queues, without waiting and at the pace you need.
- The Liberbank mobile application is safe: thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the area of ​​security and data processing, you can be calm about your banking operations and the confidentiality of personal information in Remote Banking .

How to open an online account at Liberbank

The financial portal offers you the possibility of opening an online account at Liberbank . Once you go to the official Liberbank website by clicking on "Request" you will have the possibility to open an account quickly. These are a few simple steps to take on the bank's website, where the identification data will be requested and they will inform you of the terms and conditions so that you can open your account quickly .

By steps:

1. You must register online, filling in a short form and accepting the terms and conditions of Liberbank. They are clear and transparent data, all conditions are well specified.
2. The next step is to complete the identification, by sending a photo of your ID or specifying the IBAN of an account.
3. The third step will be to provide data and complete the information to create the customer file.
4. And for the fourth, you must sign, sending your digital signature.

The process is very easy and in case you have any questions, Liberbank's customer service will always be at your disposal.
Remember, you can benefit from a 100% online account without commissions. The new Liberbank digital banking will welcome you!
Open an account Online Account SIN
Open an Online SIN account at an excellent bank that offers you the digital banking service. A bank that has more than 2 million clients, more than 3,800 employees and more than 800 offices. Apart from taking 150 dollars to open an account in Liberbank , you will continuously have associated advantages.

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