2 cinemas in Warwick are preparing for major renovations

WARWICK, RI (WPRI) – Apple Cinemas in Warwick Mall and Showcase Cinemas in Quaker Lane are set to launch their new state-of-the-art movie theaters.

Apple Cinemas is taking over the space where the former Showcase Cinemas used to be, which closed last March after the cinema chain chose not to renew its lease.

The space has undergone extensive renovations over the past year, and next Thursday Apple Cinemas will officially open its doors to the public.

“We’ve been working on it for a year and it’s finally here,” said Domenic Schiavone, general manager of Warwick Mall.

On Wednesday afternoon, construction crews and theater employees were finishing up last-minute preparations for the grand opening, including installing paper towel and popcorn dispensers.

Reclining seats at Apple Cinemas in Warwick.

Moviegoers can either buy their tickets and refreshments in line in advance or at one of the eight kiosks inside the theatre.

“The main theater is a big screen with 4K laser projection,” Schiavone said. “It’s really state-of-the-art with Dolby Atmos sound, which is surround sound but totally immersive.”

Half of Apple Cinema’s theaters will open just in time for the release of “The Batman” on Thursday. This summer, the remaining theaters will open, in addition to a kitchen that will offer pub-style food.

Not to be outdone, Showcase Cinemas on Quaker Lane has also undergone extensive renovations.

Mark Malinawski, vice president of global marketing, said they reconfigured and remodeled the building from the ground up.

Moviegoers will likely notice a “new theater smell” as they enter the theater, with rows and rows of brand new reclining seats.

The XPlus Theater at the Showcase Cinema in Warwick.

There’s also brand new carpeting and signage to go along with the theater’s high-tech equipment.

Malinawski said a new concession area is under construction and will open later this year.

Showcase Cinemas plans to launch its XPlus Laser Theater on Wednesday night, which is similar to Apple Cinemas.

Malinawski told 12 News that Warner Brothers and Showcase Cinemas also worked together to prepare the theater for the debut of “The Batman.”

Inspectors circled the building on Wednesday morning and gave them the green light to open.

Early screenings of “The Batman” have sold out at both theaters, but there are plenty of tickets left for the weekend.

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