25 of the best movie remakes of all time

25 of the best movie remakes of all time

Nothing is more cringe-worthy as a superfan of a certain film than seeing a Hollywood reboot or an unsuccessful remake – some superfans may even consider successful remakes of their favorite movie questionable – but as many things, the film industry is cyclical. And reworking legendary films is nothing new. In fact, the first cinematic remake came in 1896, when early film pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumière’s “Partie d’écarté”, a simple one-minute film of two men playing cards while being served wine, was remade by director Georges Méliès as “A Card Game”, and filmed in Méliès’ own garden (literally).

Over the years, moviegoers have moaned and moaned through countless remakes. While the majority of them are worth moaning and moaning about, they already have a built-in fanbase and are therefore a surefire way for studios to make money. Case in point: The live-action remake of Disney’s “Lion King” earned $1.656 billion at the worldwide box office. But for every ‘Lion King’ there’s a ‘Flatliners’ or ‘The Fog’ – although more often than not remakes, even if they do a respectable box office, are simply forgettable compared to the original. . Does anyone remember the 2008 remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still?” (Look for it.)

Stacker studied the often disastrous history of movie remakes and found 25 diamonds in the rough. To qualify, the film had to have at least a 7.5 IMDb user rating with 15,000 votes or one Metascore

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