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Open an online account at N26
  • Amount: Free opening
  • Urgency: Instantly
  • Term: Indefinite
  • Requirements: Age: 18+, identity document
  • Advantages: Free online account, without payroll, without visiting the bank, free online debit card, 19 currencies, without commissions
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Open an online account at N26

The N26 online account can be opened through a mobile device. It is very comfortable and functional. You will literally fall in love with this online bank. Your money will always be under your control with the N26 mobile application. You can manage all your banking operations directly from the app. And all in real time, with the possibility of setting payment limits, blocking your card and making transfers and money transfers instantly.

And of course, full transparency, without unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, quarter, etc. You will be able to see all your transactions and your balance in real time. N26 has no hidden fees, it is an online banking really oriented towards the client and their needs.

With N26 you can simplify your life a lot - you can request a free Mastercard and withdraw cash at no cost, up to 5 times a month. You can make payments with your mobile phone. You can benefit from all the advantages of online mobile banking. This new concept of banking services is a multilingual service and it doesn't matter where you are, since you will always have the mobile bank with you.

The N26 mobile application is designed for GooglePlay, App Store or to be used directly in the browser. It is a mobile banking product listed on and we are going to describe its key details.

Open an online account at N26

Online account without commissions or requirements

The N26 online account has no commissions, it is 100% free and forget about the requirements! You can request money, access safely with your fingerprint, use the advantages of Apple Pay, send money, and have the complete statistics at your disposal.

N26 offers you excellent flexibility in the use of your card, since you can configure it in real time, set limits, block and unblock the card with your mobile application . You can also change your PIN, set daily limits and activate or deactivate payments abroad. All online!

In N26 all money deposits are guaranteed for an amount of 100,000 dollars per holder of the European Union and Entity.

Money transfers are free, and in a few seconds after opening your account at N26 you can send, receive, transfer or request money . You will have at your disposal the MoneyBeam function to send, receive and instant money requests with your friends.

Up to 19 foreign currencies at your disposal. With TransferWise technology, you can make international transfers in 19 different foreign currencies directly from your mobile application. You can benefit from a real exchange rate. Just imagine, with this technology the transfers will cost you up to 8 times less than what you would pay in a traditional bank!

You will have at your disposal the history of transfers and operations carried out in your N26 mobile app. You will be able to check how much money you spent on a certain occasion, see the amounts of your receptions and transfers, check your movements, etc. For your convenience, you will have at your disposal the cataloged graphic representation of the operations carried out with your N26 online account .

You can use and your N26 online account on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The N26 website offers you the same functions as the mobile application. You can also check your data and make an export in CSV format. Your complete transaction history in CSV format.

The N26 mobile bank customer service that speaks several languages and is always there to help you in a friendly, flexible and efficient way.

Forget about paperwork, open an N26 online account in a matter of minutes directly through your mobile phone and enjoy all its advantages.

Online account without commissions or requirements mmmmmmmmmmmm

N26 Black

It is a premium account with comprehensive travel and shopping coverage. An option that will allow you to explore the world without worries , since you will have at your disposal an insurance with full coverage for your trips abroad and the purchases you make there. The N26 Black online account is priced at $ 9.90 per month.

Think about it, for only $ 9.90 per month you will have a premium class card, with which you can withdraw money abroad without paying commissions for the currency exchange. You will have international coverage insurance . Through your mobile app you can contact the insurance service, initiate a claim and receive assistance. Forget about payments and additional commissions, forget about worries.

The insurance of your online account N26 Black provides you with the following coverage:

Medical expenses abroad, so that you can reimburse your money in the event that you need to go to a hospital or in the event of a medical emergency.

If your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, you can reimburse the associated expenses.

If your checked baggage is delayed for more than 6 hours, you will be entitled to compensation.

If your mobile phone is stolen with your N26 online account , you will be entitled to a refund.

In the event that you are mugged, you will be entitled to compensation within 4 hours after having withdrawn money with your N26 Black card

The insurance coverage is also for the items you buy with your N26 black account in case of theft or damage

Regardless of where you are, you can pay as if you had the same currency that circulates in the site where you are, since you will not pay internal currency conversion fees. Make yourself at home.

The N26 Black card is a debit card and has the option of contactless payments (NFC technology).

N26 Black

N26 Metal

This card has a minimalist style and is for lovers of the digital generation. It really impresses! The front of the card or stainless steel. It is engraved with the N26 and Mastercard logos and the chip. Nothing more - it is elegant, with excellent touch, impressive!

Apart from its style, it impresses with the great associated advantages that it has. Take advantage of the purchases of the best brands with this card. Great deals, discounts, special programs. You can see all the details in your N26 app.

The N26 Metal card also includes travel insurance and insurance for making purchases abroad. Explore the world without unpleasant surprises or complications. Don't pay commissions, pay and withdraw money for free. And all the help you need will be provided by customer service!

N26 Metal

N26 plans - different rates for different needs.

There are 3 different rates at your disposal. Each has excellent benefits and is designed with the different possible use options in mind.

The N26 plan for 0.00 dollars per month , apart from all the other possibilities, offers the possibility of making free withdrawals, making payments without commissions in any currency.

The N26 Black plan for 9.90 dollars per month, apart from all the other possibilities, also has the possibility to withdraw money for free, pay without commissions in any currency, also free withdrawals in any currency and Allianz insurance included .

The N26 Metal plan for 16.90 dollars per month, apart from all the other possibilities, has the possibility of making free money withdrawals, making payments without commissions in any currency, free withdrawals in any currency, Allianz insurance included, service exclusive customer service, exclusive partner offers.

N26 Business - for freelancers

N26 Business is an account for freelancers, so you can have the personal and professional aspects apart. Forget about complex relationships. At N26 they bet on ease and utility .

You will have a free Mastercard Business card and you will be able to track all the expenses made. You will be reimbursed 0.1% of the purchases you make with your Mastercard Business debit card. It is an excellent option, if you handle a large cash flow and make purchases with the money of other clients for them. In this way, without any harm to your customers, you can benefit from 0.1% of all the purchases you make. You will be informed in real time of the status of your balance, of all the movements and transfers you make. The N26 3D Secure protection will protect you when making online purchases , offering you an additional identification step when confirming the payment with your N26 online account .

N26 Business Black - for freelancers

It is a Mastercard Business Black card, so you can take your office with you and travel abroad without any worries. The card insurance will offer you coverage wherever you are . For any emergency or unforeseen, medical coverage and much more. You will not pay commissions for currency exchange and you can always enjoy the average market exchange rate.

N26 Web Platform

The N26 Web platform allows you to use your account through a browser . As through your mobile phone with the N26 app, you can use it with a computer through the web. By accessing the "My account" section, you will be able to consult all your data and access the information you need (ID of your card, IBAN, BIC). Likewise, you can block and unblock your card when you need it, change the PIN, modify the limits you want, etc. For the convenience of your eyes, the website has a dark mode, so you can activate it at night or if the room is dimly lit, if you wish. Go ahead, everything is in your hands!

* The financial portal informs you that as of February 2018, no minimum usage fees are applied to any N26 account, that is, it is not necessary to carry out any minimum operations to enjoy a free account .

The N26 Standard and N26 Business online accounts are non-permanent , the 26 Black, N26 Metal or N26 Business Black accounts have a one-year permanence, with a corresponding monthly fee.

Try the N26 online account, to start you can download the application and choose the standard N26 option that is free, try it, and if you like it, depending on your needs, you can choose another option.

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