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Contante loans
  • Amount: € 50 to € 1000
  • Urgency: In 15 minutes
  • Term: 7-30 days
  • Requirements: Monthly income, without endorsement
  • Pros: No paperwork, being able to use Hal-Cash
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Cash Loans and Credits Apply Online

Contante is a Spanish company that can become your trusted partner in obtaining the necessary amount of $ 500, this service is an excellent solution.

The process of obtaining credit in the organization does not take long. A distinctive feature of the service is the lack of complicated and confusing terminology. All the information is simple and straightforward to help make the right and responsible decision. Therefore, please review our commitments.

Because we work with the Internet, it gives us a lot of advantages. For example, we use the newest technology so that you can get your money instantly.

To obtain a cash loan in our facilities it is not necessary to run for documents and other papers, as well as to carry out long negotiations with the heads of the banking units. In Contante you can get the necessary amount in the near future.

You choose the amount of money you would like to receive and when you can return. At the same time, no one will ask you, for what purpose the money is needed.

Make an application for a contact loan is very simple:

In first, you have to decide the amount and the repayment term.

Next, you need to fill out a questionnaire and submit it for processing. Then your mobile phone will receive an answer immediately. But it is not the end.

Please read carefully all the points of the credit agreement, which will be sent to you by email. In addition, you will have to respond to the bank's SMS (if approved), for this you just have to send the "OK". You can pay off your loan faster and save money.

The company offers its extensive support in solving problems with loan repayments. In case of difficulties with the introduction of the new delivery, you can request a deferral of payment. In addition, the support service is always ready to help its customers using any type of connection.

Another interesting feature of Contante is a “Halcash” service.

This service is designed to ensure that you are able to withdraw money from your credit card at any time. To do this, you only need your mobile phone number that is linked to your contract. Protect access to your map, you can use send to the keys, and you can get the money at special ATMs with the Hal Cash system, which is located in the offices of the associated banks, without being a bank customer and without need to open an account.

Through this service, you can start managing your credit money throughout the day, while spending only a few minutes. Small note - the service is available in the primary treatment in Contante, and can only be used with subsequent requests.

The main and absolute condition to request a quick loan in this company, you have to be an adult, have a residence in Spain and provide a certificate of regular income.

It is worth noting that in the case of timely payment of your credit limit can be increased (at the discretion of the company), so it is recommended not to violate the terms of the contract and pay the loan without arrears.

Contact Contacts for Quick Loans and Microcredits:

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