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Younited Credit
Younited Credit
  • Amount: € 1,000 to € 40,000
  • Urgency: Within 48 hours
  • Term: 24 to 72 months
  • Requirements: Age 18 - 70 years, no Credit Checker, proof of income
  • Advantages: Large quantities, long terms
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Younited credit offers fast loans with excellent conditions. Here you can request credits with some of the best rates, and also enjoy many more benefits. All Younited credit loans have a fixed rate and a limited duration. The loan installments of this microfinance company are constant. Everything is transparent, with no hidden payments or nasty surprises. The fast loans and credits portal recommends this microloan company for having friendly rates for the client and very adjusted prices, which mostly exist to be able to cover the management expenses of the fast loans and pay the work of investors because of the risk they take by issuing borrowed money.

younited credit te da mucho dinero

Apart from this, Younited credit provides its clients with exceptional speed when it comes to analyzing requests for quick loans, giving fast financing and responding on the spot. This is possible thanks to the use of modern and advanced technologies. Technologies that allow to automate processes to a large extent and make a large part of favorable decisions in an automated way, manually processing only those that pose the greatest difficulty. At the same time, we do not ask heavy questions and we do not inconvenience our clients, asking them what they need the money for, and so on.

The funds that Younited credit lends are money coming directly from investors who have great confidence in this company. This microfinance company takes care of its reputation, respects the interests of its investors and the people to whom it gives the money. They treat all personal data with full security.

Younited credit can lend you between 1,000 and 40,000 dollars and they will give you a definitive answer within 48 hours. You will be able to return the borrowed money in a period between 25 and 72 months.


younited credit te da mucho dinero

Younited credit works with money from direct investors (this money is used to finance your credit). Correspondingly, investors charge most of the interest on your loan, approximately 4.5% APR, which, taking into account the situation in the current market, is a good remuneration, and the other small part is charged by the microfinance company for the steps taken. In this way, both parties (the investor and the client) obtain excellent service conditions. The investor receives a return above what banks currently offer for having the money deposited in their accounts, and the borrowers pay a very low rate, compared to that offered by many of the microfinance companies available in the market.

Younited credit is a modern and developing company, a microfinance company that relies on the latest computer technologies and the enormous possibilities that the Internet offers to speed up the process of requesting fast money as much as possible. This microfinance company does not spend money maintaining large and luxurious offices and branches that make loans more expensive for clients. They work by phone and through the web. Its staff of professionals located in Spain will be able to kindly assist you to resolve any questions you may have.


younited credit te da mucho dinero

Once you have applied for a loan at Younited credit and it has been accepted, the company will automatically send you a contract by email. Next, you must print this contract, sign all its sheets and send it through ordinary mail to the company. You also have the option to have them picked up, by agreeing in advance with Younited Credit. The pick-up service is free. You must also consult the detailed documentation on the first page of the contract, and send said documentation to the company, via your email.

Once Younited credit receives all this documentation, within 48 hours, they will be able to definitively answer your request and send the money quickly to your bank account.


Here at you can find out the requirements that the applicant must meet to obtain a loan in Younited Credit.

  • Age: 18 - 70 years
  • Residence: Spain
  • Records of delinquency: The condition is not to appear in any record of delinquency (RAI, Credit Checker, etc.)
  • Income justification: A payroll is not essential, but stable income must be justified

Apart from this, Younited Credit will study in a personalized way the solvency of each person who requests a loan, to maintain the security of our investors and the client's own financial security.


Loans at Younited Credit are issued and collected in a flexible way for the client. And if you wonder, when the first installment is charged, it will be at the latest, in the second month, counted from the date on which the money was deposited by the finance company into your bank account. Younited Credit already has the money prepared for you and you can get it using its link available on .

Younited Credit Contacts for Quick Credits and Loans:

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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