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Moneyman Mini Credits
  • Amount: € 50 to € 1,300
  • Urgency: Up to 15 minutes
  • Term: 5-120 days
  • Requirements: be a resident of Spain and of legal age (18 years)
  • Advantages: Flexible system of amounts, bonuses, without payroll, with Credit Checker, loans for freelancers
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Loans and Mini-Credits in MoneyMan Apply Online

In this article we will focus on the young but very successful company. The MoneyMan financial institution only recently began its existence in Spain (since 2015). During the year, the company has become very popular, thanks to a wide range of microfinance services, such as cash micro-loans and quick mini loans. Based in, and a franchisee that belongs to Russia. Additionally, MoneyMan has subsidiaries in Brazil, Georgia, Serbia, and Kazakhstan.

MoneyMan - is one of the few companies that fully carries out its activities online. Without taking money from your family and friends, you can get the required amount of up to 1,200 dollars, without leaving your home, in a matter of minutes. The term depends on the amount requested varies from five days to four months. The final refund amount is calculated on the commission basis. In general terms are not much different from competing companies, which lend the money fast. Let's say that you have decided to end your financial problems, and you took a small loan of 200 dollars for a period of 30 days. In this case, you will have to pay the amount of 266 dollars, taking into account 2.334% of APR. On behalf of our portal, we recommend that you use the credit calculator on the company's official website, as it is very easy and understandable.

If you have had to take a micro loan from competing companies in any organization, the application registration procedure will not be difficult for you. MoneyMan is technically very well organized, and you will be able to request your money with just one click. The official website of the company (, you will see a handy calculator. All you need to do - is simply enter the desired amount (from 50 to 1,200 dollars), and choose the most convenient term for you. Here you can see the amount of future interest immediately. For another action you will have to leave a phone number and your email, mobile, and enter your personal information and address.

moneyman mini-credits

We must point out that a MoneyMan quick loan applicant must be of legal age and have a residence in Spain. Certainly, you can request a loan only through the Internet, online. If you have any questions while you are filling out a form, you should call the phone listed on the website.

In order for the specialists to quickly check your data and make the decision to issue a microcredit instantly, it is also necessary to enter the information about the amount of your salary or other income, as well as specify the size of the monthly income and expenses. It only remains to read the terms of conditions and wait for a response to your request. Usually it takes no more than fifteen minutes. In the case of a positive decision, you immediately get the money in your bank account.

moneyman mini-credits

Let's get to know the types of micro-loans in the MoneyMan company. The amount of the “Home” loan can be up to 300 dollars (minimum 50). The next type - "Takeoff" will allow you to take a loan of up to five hundred dollars. Type "Ascent" opens the possibility of recharging your wallet worth up to 700 dollars. Class "Turbo" allows you to take up to 900 dollars in extended duration of up to three months. And, finally, if you have justified the confidence of the company and timely return the previous payments, you will be available for a "Superturbo" loan with a maximum amount of 1,200 dollars and a term of up to four months.

Therefore, we are convinced that in order to obtain a loan immediately, we do not need to provide a document of your payroll or endorsement. Also, you don't need guarantors and mortgaged property. You just have to answer some basic questions. In addition, it is also possible to take a loan with the Credit Checker Association.

moneyman mini-credits

Another advantage of this financial institution is that you can take advantage of the rewards system and a loyalty program. Agree, it is good when you are rewarded for the safe use of nice service. Get the fifth interest-free loan - it's easy. To do this, you have to invite a friend or family member to take a microloan from MoneyMan or leave their positive comments about the company.

We also observe that the company will satisfy its customers and it can be understood if it has difficulties with the repayment of the loan in time. Depending on the reasons for the delay, the payment can of course be deferred with the payment of the corresponding fee.

Contacts Moneyman Mini-Credits and For Quick Loans:

  • Helpdesk: (+34) 900 800 329 (+34) 937 227 354
  • Website:
  • Email: Writing an email to: [email protected] If you want to be part of our company and develop professionally with us, send your curriculum vitae to the email: [email protected]
  • Hours: Mon - Fri from 09:00 to 19:00
  • Facebook:éditoso
  • Twitter:
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