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Quick loans from Creditea
  • Amount: $ 500 - $ 5000
  • Urgency: In 15 minutes
  • Term: Up to 36 months
  • Requirements: Age of majority, DNI / NIE, proof of income, without Credit Checker
  • Advantages: Line of credit, refinancing, without payroll, without endorsement, without paperwork, possibility of early repayment, extensions, flexibility
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Fast loans at Creditea up to $ 5000 in 15 minutes

In Creditea you can get a quick loan of up to $ 5000 in 15 minutes. Creditea has at your disposal quick loans and credits, lines of credit and also the option of refinancing loans. You can request fast money very easy, without heavy paperwork and by sending your request via the web. Creditea's requirements are not high, and you have a good chance that your request for urgent money will be approved. This financial institution offers credits and loans with a repayment term of up to 36 months. You also have the possibility to return the money borrowed in advance , or if you prefer, extend the repayment term of the loan. The two financial products that Creditea has offer you the possibility of solving your financial affairs, in an easy and flexible way. Choose what suits you best, a line of credit or a customized personal loan. Creditea offers borrowed money for nationals and foreigners.

Fast loans at Creditea up to $ 5000 in 15 minutes

How to request a fast loan in Creditea?

Requesting a fast loan online at Creditea is very easy. To begin, you will have to fill out a short online form. Don't worry, no paperwork or headaches. Below you will see all the steps to follow to request up to 5000 dollars online in a matter of minutes. Once you get the go-ahead, it won't take long for the money to appear in your bank account.

The simple steps to take

Step 1. The first thing is to complete the online money request form

By completing the form you can benefit from the help of an online assistant, who can guide you at any time. The data itself is simple and logical. You must indicate the amount of money you need, enter your identity data (national identity document or foreigner identification number), they will also ask for your mobile phone number. Then press the "Request your code" button, and an SMS code will be sent to your phone that you must enter to complete this step.

Step 2. In this step you must make the confirmation of your quick loan

When you send the data, the Creditea system will generate a confirmation of your request. The confirmation is sent by email and SMS. They will also be able to contact you by phone. They usually contact by phone, in the event that the data entered generates any questions, or to detail any other particular question. Don't worry, it is a normal procedure, in order to ensure the safety of both parties. You will also receive the response related to the approval of your application, and you must go to the next step through the personal area on the Creditea website.

Step 3. Creditea transfer the money quickly to your bank account

Creditea will send the money to your bank account by transfer, within 15 minutes after you have confirmed your credit . Once received, you can already benefit from up to 5000 dollars for whatever you need.

The portal for Quick Loans and Credits , Credit Cards , Mortgages offers you Creditea's financial products so that you can move on and solve your financial problems .

How to request a fast loan in Creditea?

Options, amounts and terms of the fast credits of Creditea

Creditea has for you quick credits from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars, lines of credit and refinancing of loans . The repayment periods are up to 36 months. You can return the money in comfortable installments. In turn, know some of the main characteristics and advantages of the loans that you could have on hand.

You decide the amount you want to withdraw from the loan granted, you decide when you want to withdraw the amount, and you only have to pay for the amount withdrawn . $ 5,000 is actually a very good amount of money to use or keep as a reserve. The client chooses the amount to be repaid, and the repayment fees are fixed, and do not change during the entire loan period. Access to the possibility of requesting quick money is very easy, totally online, at any time of the day, and wherever you are. It is an ideal possibility to take advantage of offers, solve unforeseen events, request an advance, or simply finance the purchase or service that you wanted so much.

An important detail to highlight and know about a credit line from Creditea is that you will only have to pay for the money that has been transferred to you, you will not have to pay for the entire credit line that you have available !

Other advantages of the fast credits of Creditea is the possibility of requesting extensions, or making the refund before the period initially established.

With the return in advance you can save interest, sometimes a lot of money, since Credita does not charge you commissions, and you only pay for the time during which you use the certain amount that they have transferred to you.

With the extensions of the credit, you can benefit from more time to make the return.

Combining all these Creditea options, you get a useful and flexible financial tool to live with wider economic borders, to be able to manage your time, your savings and your possibilities in a balanced way .

Options, amounts and terms of the fast credits of Creditea

Requirements to apply for a loan at Creditea

You must have reached the age of majority, have a national identity document, or foreigner identification number. You have to have a mobile phone number and an email address. You must have proof of income, through which you can demonstrate to the company that you have the possibility of returning the borrowed money within the agreed period. Creditea does not accept Credit Checker or RAI, and therefore should not be included in these files.

Creditea has loans without payroll, without endorsement , but does not have loans with Credit Checker. If you need a loan with Credit Checker you can use our credit and quick loans comparator. has different financial products for you.

And if you meet these requirements, go ahead, do not hesitate to apply for a loan or a line of credit at Creditea . You will benefit from good amounts of money, flexibility, security and transparency! If you need to refinance your debts , contact Creditea to get money at a lower interest rate than your current loans!

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