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Credit Agricole
Credit Agricole loans
  • Amount: € 5,000 to € 500,000
  • Urgency: Few days
  • Term: 6 * 36 months
  • Requirements: Of legal age, DNI, an amount from 5000 dollars
  • Advantages: Your money plus interest rate. Security and trust
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We are going to know more about this bank. The French company CA Consumer Finance, SA - is the undisputed leader in consumer credit in the country, as well as throughout Europe. This company is very credible, especially since it is sponsored by the French banking group Credit Agricole, CA Consumer Finance, SA In addition, the bank is recognized as one of the largest in twenty-three countries in Europe. Its range of financial services is quite wide. Being a client of CA Consumer Finance, SA is very profitable and easy - you can do it in just four steps. Later we talk about it.

With the help of CA Consumer Finance, SA, you can contract an amount of 5,000 to 500,000 dollars per term deposit agreement. You have the right to enter into a variety of contracts with a time deposit timing and the desired amount, the amount of which will depend on you.

CA Consumer Finance provides only time deposits. How this product works: a certain amount is invested in the bank account within the established period and the bank agrees to pay your money at a certain interest rate during the term of the deposit. Interest is paid annually or twice a year (depending on the duration of the deposit) into your account tied to a fixed term deposit.

Making new contributions to the guarantee and valid term is not possible in CA Consumer Finance. If you sign a fixed-term contract, and later you want to pay an additional amount, for this you will have to open a new contribution.

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The company has a highly developed Internet service management. With the help of the CA Consumer Finance online service, you can always see the status of your contributions (amounts, associated account terms, etc.). Online - management is very important because it is the main channel for customer communication with the bank's advisers, and they often have to use this service. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of the Internet - surfing and keep in touch.

If you decide to pay your deposit ahead of time, it is necessary to request this service by post via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of the branch in San Sebastián, Spain.

In the letter it has to be your signature, the date and the name, identity document and the sender's address. The cancellation will take place for thirty-two days from the date the request is sent. Next, you will certainly have the amount of the payment (plus accrued interest), net of a penalty, which will impose company size according to the column in the "Terms and Conditions". The fine may not exceed the amount of interest accrued from the beginning of the deposit in any case.

Fortunately, the cancellation process can literally be simplified without a great deal of effort. To do this, you just need to print and fill out the form, which is found on the company's website, and then send it to the specified email.

And now we come to a more important issue - what actions should I undertake to open a time deposit in CA Consumer Finance, SA?

- First, please fill out an online application form on the website. Just click on «Contract deposit" and enter the necessary data. - Next, you will get to the bank documentation (pre-contractual documents and a welcome letter), it is necessary to read the terms and sign documents on all the sheets and send them together with a messenger. CréditAgricole - Cheap loans and profitable deposits

- Then the bank will take several days to confirm your identity. Agreement on the term deposit will not come into effect until the necessary amount is made to the bank account that belongs to CA Consumer Finance, SA, which will be informed of the bank's employees. Upon receipt of the amount, an SMS - message will be sent to the email address that will contain the code to access the online service.

It should be noted that not everyone can open a term deposit. It is not possible for the following categories:

- If an applicant does not have the right to open their own account (under 18, etc.); - If an applicant already has a bad credit experience in Spain or is among the debtors. - If an applicant is not able to confirm his place of residence in Spain.

Regarding commissions and other expenses, CA Consumer Finance, SA does not charge anything.

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