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  • Amount: Up to 10000 dollars
  • Urgency: Fast
  • Term: To be negotiated
  • Requirements: Owning the vehicle
  • Advantages: Money for your car and mowing using it, pawn or sale, no matter Credit Checker, RAI, no payroll, no endorsement
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The fast loans and credits portal introduces you to Prestacars - the financial company that gives you fast guaranteed loans. If you have a vehicle, having a credit at the moment is no longer a problem. You can receive the money by leaving your car as collateral, or if you wish you can sell it. The great advantage of this company is that they will grant you quick loans even if you have a bad credit history or are registered on a delinquency list (it does not matter RAI and Credit Checker).

prestacars te da dinero

Prestacars, which currently has more than 25 collaborating companies, has more than 12,000 loans with endorsement requested, more than 4,000 satisfied customers, as well as more than 5,000 cars sold. Enjoy life and let no one take away your desire to dream, because now you no longer have to postpone the solution, you do not have to sleep badly, thinking about the economic solution of your unforeseen issues. A guaranteed financial help with your car can be of great support for you and your whole family.


It is very simple, you have to contact Prestacars so that they can perform the appraisal of your vehicle. To do this, as an initial step, you must communicate some of your data, and the information related to your vehicle. They will ask you information about your employment situation, your monthly income, membership in a delinquency list. The data related to the list of defaulters are merely informative, since being a guaranteed loan, your vehicle acts as a guarantee of the return of the money. And in relation to your vehicle, you must provide the name of its brand, the model, the year your car is, and the 3 letters of your license plate (for example GFY).

Once you have entered these brief details, our professionals will contact you. From this moment you have the option of pawning your car and getting a loan with excellent conditions. Apart from this, you can continue to enjoy your car, forgetting about your financial problems.

You must fill in the form indicated on the page, and click send. All the studies of your fast loan are totally free, and in Prestacars, as well as in they always put as a key objective finding the best solution that fully adapts to your needs.


prestacars te da dinero

True, the second option, apart from receiving a quick loan for your vehicle, is to sell it quickly to whoever wants to buy it from you. Prestacars gives you that option in the shortest terms and with attractive conditions. To start this option, in the corresponding section of the Prestacars website, you must indicate the make and model of your car, the year of registration, the three letters of your license plate, and the mileage traveled. Then the system will ask you for your name and surname, your email address, your telephone number and your postal code.

With Prestacars you get numerous advantages when selling your car online:

You do not run any type of risk, since before putting your car up for sale, together with our specialists you will be able to carry out an appraisal of its real value, and you will have advantages when selling it and negotiating the conditions of the sale.

It is a totally transparent operation since the appraisal will be done clearly and safely, and they will offer you one of the best existing valuations in the market. In addition, the appraisal is free and without any obligation. All you have to do is leave the details of the car you want to sell and Prestacars will give you an immediate response, communicating the real and current value of your vehicle on the market.


prestacars te da dinero

Actually, this type of fast loan differs from a conventional bank loan, and also from an unsecured online credit due to the few requirements of the client. As we have already mentioned before, it does not matter if one is on a list of defaulters, since the vehicle serves as collateral. But another of the substantial advantages is that you can continue using your car and at the same time enjoy the borrowed money. The only condition is to pay the fees agreed with the company on time and not incur in default.

Prestacars is a serious company and works with transparent conditions. Meaning, therefore, that once the conditions have been agreed and the contract signed, there will be no unpleasant "surprises" in the future that increase loan installments, change conditions unfavorably for the client, and so on.

As the vehicle remains in your possession, you can continue using it to work, for household matters, for your daily tasks, and for everything you need, and when you pay off the loan definitively, the vehicle will no longer appear as collateral, remaining free of charges.

Go ahead, Prestacars already has a quick loan of up to 10,000 dollars prepared for you, get it as quickly as possible!

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