7 Days in the Woods Produces “Another Stupid Bigfoot Movie”; the comedy premiered on April 1

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Subject does not require much assistance on a walk in the woods, even in broad daylight.

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, or whatever you want to call it, seems to hide behind every tree or hide in every patch of tall grass.

“Bigfoot is part of the popular zeitgeist right now,” says filmmaker Nick Sanford. “You can throw a rock and hit a car with a Bigfoot bumper sticker on it.”

Sanford can tell you all about his own week-long Bigfoot adventure that he filmed in the fall of 2020.

Muted Imagery 2020 (Elusive BTS)

He called her “Elusive”.

“They’re looking for Bigfoot,” Nick says of his film’s plot, “but it kind of explores the myth of Bigfoot and why we need that myth.”

Before we go any further into the weeds, we should tell you that Nick wrote and directed this film as a mockumentary.

The search his main character pursues is actually something deeper than an ape-like creature, but he plays it all in for a laugh.

“The catchphrase we used was ‘come for the Bigfoot jokes’,” he quotes, “‘Stay for the daddy issues’. It’s supposed to entertain and make people laugh. But there are other things in there if you want to think a bit too.

Muted Imagery 2020 (Elusive BTS)

Sanford and friends have openly titled “Elusive” as “another dumb Bigfoot movie,” even though they take no real sides as to whether he really exists anywhere.

“Some people treat it seriously, and some people treat it less seriously,” remarks another hiker. “And you wanted to take your picture?”

“We’re kind of in the middle,” he replies.

They just wanted to have fun in the middle of a pandemic.

Believing in their project after working so hard on it takes a lot of faith in yourself.

Sanford tells us, “I have one of those boxes in my office. It’s the silhouette of a Sasquatch in the forest and it says, ‘Don’t stop believing it.’ »

“Elusive” premieres Friday, April 1 at the Paramount Theater on Film Row in Oklahoma City.

The first two shows were sold out, but Sanford assures us that his film will hold up as long as the demand exists.

“Elusive” is also available to stream from the film’s website, www.stupidbigfootmovie.com.

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