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Advances - urgent payroll or pension advances
  • Amount: € 50 to € 600
  • Urgency: In 15 minutes
  • Term: 7-30 days
  • Requirements: Payroll, without endorsement.
  • Advantages: Transparency, security.
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Advances - urgent payroll or pension advances

If you need an urgent payroll or pension advance , it is an excellent option to get it, since with the financial company you have the possibility of requesting a credit of up to € 600 with the possibility of making the refund in 30 calendar days. However, it is important to know that you will have to go to one of their offices to continue with the money processing . It is not a 100% online credit , since you have to go to the office to sign the loan contract, and then have the possibility of receiving the money. currently does not have many offices in the territory of Spain, and for this reason the profitability of granting a quick loan with this company is in proportion to the distance you have to travel from your place of residence to its office. close. In many cases, this type of loan will not be profitable because it requires physical travel.

Advances - urgent payroll or pension advances

How much money can I request in and when do I have to return it? issues loans of 50 to 600 dollars to return within a period between 50 and 30 calendar days. On the web you can use a down payment calculator that has a convenient slider to choose the amount and the term. Depending on the data chosen, the amount to be returned will change, and it will be reflected in the corresponding box. To that amount, you must add the amount requested, and that is what you will have to return in total. Transparent and simple.

Conditions to request a loan in

First of all, you have to be over 21 years old to apply for a loan at . You must also be in possession of a national identity document or foreigner identification number (residence permit in Spain). They will ask you to present the last two pay slips, a proof of pension, or an unemployment benefit. The other requirement is to have a bill for the last month for the telephone, for the costs of electricity, water, gas, etc. The invoice must be issued in the name of the person requesting the loan. Likewise, the financial company requires that your minimum income be 600 dollars per month if they are in 14 payments, 650 dollars per month if they are in 13 payments, and 700 dollars per month if we talk about 12 payments. It is important to know that this company does not accept Credit Checker.

What is the procedure to request a loan at

The financial company is represented on our fast loans and credits portal You can start the procedures to request quick money by clicking on the request button of the corresponding financial company. Once you have used the aforementioned link, you will be redirected to the company website so that you can enter your data (your email and phone number).

The system will then send the data and the company will contact you free of charge, to provide you with all the information about the requested credit. When this step is completed, you will have to visit a physical office of the company and sign the corresponding loan contract. The offices work from 10 am to 2 pm. At the office, they will ask you for the aforementioned documents, and if everything is in order, you will receive a check in a matter of 10 minutes . You can cash the check instantly at any BBVA branch.

How to return a loan of money requested in

To return a loan requested in this financial company you must have a check or make a bank transfer. The refund by check is made at one of the BBVA bank branches. If you want to return the money in advance you will not have to make any extra payment. However, it is important to make the return within the period established in accordance with the contract and not incur any delay. In case of delay, will contact you through the information you provided (usually by phone, SMS or email) and you will have to pay a penalty equivalent to 1% per day of the total amount requested in your credit.

You also have the option to extend the return and you can postpone the date for a maximum of up to 15 days. In this case, you will have to additionally contact and inform them about it.

Advances - urgent payroll or pension advances

Advantages, opinions and comments of

The advantages consist of a quick receipt of the money at the branch by means of a bank check that can be cashed at any branch of the BBVA bank. The ease and transparency of indicating the amount to request, the term to be returned and the corresponding amount. Possibility of advance payment without penalty , possibility of postponing payment.

The disadvantage is that it is not a 100% fast online loan , since you have to go to an office to receive the money, and at the moment does not have many offices in the territory of Spain. It is also noteworthy that they request that you have a minimum income of 600 dollars, and in you can find many companies that offer fast money online without asking you to demonstrate minimum income .

Compare the information available on our portal, analyze if the urgent payroll or pension advances from suit your needs, and if so, you will be able to request the quick loan that you consider convenient.

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