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Solcredito loans
  • Amount: € 50 to € 3000
  • Urgency: 15 minutes
  • Term: 5–30 days
  • Requirements: Spanish residence, age from 18 to 80, NIE, the national bank account
  • Advantages: without payroll or endorsement
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The Solcredito company with the five years of its existence in Spain has become one of the main services as a mediator to obtain fast money online. The Spanish office of the company is located at. The main characteristic of Solcredito is not one of the credit institutions, because it is not the company that provides mini-loans or personal loans directly, but is a reliable conduit between the client and the borrower.

Considering the infinite time and hectic pace of modern people's life, Solcredito can be called a very practical tool to save your time. Rather than spending hours studying microloan terms on hundreds of business sites, it is much easier to visit just one website that selects the best option for you, considering all your needs and capabilities.

There is no doubt that Solcredito is a very useful service. But if you still have doubts, let's take a closer look, how this service works. Let's say you urgently need a few hundred dollars (we won't ask why), and you find that you can't wait until your next payroll. The first thing you have to do is go to the Solcredito website and enter the desired amount and indicate a repayment term in the loan simulator on the main page.

It is necessary to clarify that in the first request, the amount of up to $ 800 will be available to you, which must be returned no later than 30 days. However, in the future, if you follow the credit conditions without having debts, Solcredito will give you the opportunity to request a loan of up to $ 3,000 with an extended term, as well as the possibility of deferred payment.

So, after you have decided on the amount you need to solve your immediate problems, the next step is to fill in your personal details. Please enter your Spanish DNI or NIE and your full name and then the system will need to identify your data, so it is important to correctly enter the number of your own Spanish bank account and other data (job, income and the direction). After the specialists and the system assess your creditworthiness and the reliability of the data, a list of organizations ready to offer you an instant microloan or fast credit will be available.

After making your selection, you only have to wait for the response from Solcredito and, if approved, you will be able to manage your money in just 15 minutes. Well, the scheme is very simple, but how about the APR?

Well, the Solcredito service is absolutely free. This means that the annual interest rate of your fast credit depends solely on the amount of your loan and the due date, according to the terms of the financial companies selected by you. The Solcredito company does not carry any additional interest and does not hide the amount of bank fees.

Note that the payment of your microcredit can be deferred, by contacting Solcredito customer service, and you pay a commission of 20% of the loan amount. However, late payment or non-payment is unacceptable, since the company is the member of Credit Checker and Instituto Nacional de Consumo, which means that it will have to take responsibility for non-compliance with the loan conditions.

Solcredito has minimum requirements for the borrower:

You must have the age of 18 to 80 years, residence in Spain, a personal bank account in a Spanish bank, as well as an email and mobile phone (to access customer service services).

However, even if you meet all the above requirements, your application may be denied, because the approval of the application is the decision that is made directly by the company - borrower. Therefore, in any case, Solcredito does not guarantee 100% approval of your application, but offers the most suitable companies among the most successful and reliable in Spain.

Solcredito Contacts for Quick Loans and Microcredits:

  • Helpdesk: (+34) 392 200 108
  • Website:
  • Email: customer service: [email protected]
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 8: 00–22: 00
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