A 10-year-old thriller no one remembers gets a second wind on streaming

In most cases, headlining a movie that grossed $612 million at the box office would lead to much bigger and better things for the star in question, but Jim Caviezel was open in admitting that direct Mel Gibson The passion of Christ actively harm his career.

In fact, the actor was one of the main contenders to play Superman around the time the religious drama was released, but instead found it increasingly difficult to land prominent roles. Some of his more questionable personal opinions probably didn’t help, but Caviezel’s involvement is one of the many reasons why the forgotten thriller Transit instantly faded from memory ten years ago.

Another obvious factor was that it wasn’t very good, with critics and audiences alike dismissive of a high-concept genre film that immediately grabs any sense of reality and throws it out the window in favor of developments incredulous intrigue and a frantic pace that never stops to catch its breath.

Caviezel’s family man has his vacation turned upside down when a gang of thieves hide their stolen cargo in his unwitting offspring’s vehicle, with a plan in place to intercept them further down the line when the way is clear. If you’ve only seen one movie in your entire life before, you’ll always know things don’t go so well for either party.

Despite being stereotyped and derived from a defect, Transit has become the latest forgotten film to rise from the tomb of irrelevance on streaming, with FlixPatrol revealing that the mediocrity’s messy masterpiece is on Paramount Plus’ global most-watched list.

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