A film studio could come to the Golden Islands |

A film studio could come to the Golden Isles.

The Mainland Planning Commission unanimously approved a rezoning request at Tuesday’s meeting for land off the US 17 with multiple zoning designations, including highway trade, mobile home, basic industrial development and planned development.

The entire 1,091-acre parcel, called New Hope Plantation, will now be zoned as a planned development if county commissioners approve the planning commission’s recommendation.

The owner of the property, Fred Barber, said the whole project was based on the production of films.

“It would put Glynn County on the map,” he said.

Barber said the movie industry is looking for a site that offers “privacy, freedom of movement, safety and water.”

The project consists of three 90,000 square foot buildings, approximately 500 city housing units on 32.61 acres, a pond, walking trails and a private water tower and on-site water treatment plant.

A woman involved in the film’s end of the project said she was excited about the incredible interest and support from the film industry. There are over 60 films slated to shoot in Georgia this year and there isn’t enough room to accommodate them.

“The timing is perfect,” she said. “We could shoot a Marvel movie here and no one would know.”

The project will have a very low impact and generate a lot of income for the county, she said.

Staff recommended limiting the density to 10 units per acre, while Barber requested 16 units per acre. Commission members chose to approve the request without conditions, which means the density will be 16 units per acre.

There were questions about the impacts the development would have on the rural area south of the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, a Georgia State Historic Site.

A 10-acre portion of the property will be donated to the Glynn County Fire Department and the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office.

Commission President Richard Strickland acknowledged that it was a rural area, but set to grow over the next decade.

“The area is changing, so the density might not be an issue,” he said. “I suspect this area will increase tremendously over the years.”

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