A high-energy political thriller foils an assassination on streaming

through Warner Bros.

After making his debut as a screenwriter penning Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta Two-Handed Rules of Engagementbefore winning an Oscar for his Traffic screenplay, Stephen Gaghan chose to make his directorial debut on the gut-wrenching psychological thriller To abandon, which also bombed hard. Going back to what he knew best, the filmmaker combined elements from his first two songwriting gigs to make amends with Syriachis second feature film behind the camera.

The end result was a critical and commercial success, with the heavy political thriller nearly recouping its budget twice at the box office, as it garnered critical attention and earned Gaghan another Oscar nomination. Most of the applause went to star George Clooney, who earned the Best Supporting Actor trophy.

through Warner Bros.

It’s been 15 years since the movie came out, but the loose adaptation of Robert Baer’s memoir See no harm managed to plant an unexpected foot on the streaming charts. According to FlixPatrol, the intense and complex story of intertwining intrigue and surreptitious government behavior is fighting a winning battle within the ranks of iTunes.

The stacked cast features veteran CIA operative Clooney embroiled in an assassination plot that splits in many directions, with Jeffrey Wright’s attorney leading the merger and energy analyst from Matt Damon just two of the big names played in key roles, with the set also stacked up to string Chris Cooper, Christopher Plummer, William Hurt, Mark Strong and countless others to weave its intricate web of deception and machinations.

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