A new movie “Lost Boys” is coming soon

The lost boys have been found.

A few years after The CW attempted to turn the iconic ’80s teen vampire flick into a TV series, Warner Bros. will now attempt to mount a new cinematic version. The stars will be Noah Jupe from A quiet place franchise and Jaeden Martell from the recent This movie theater. The director is Jonathan Entwhistle, whose previous work includes the recent series The end of the crazy world and I don’t agree with that.

The TV version of The lost boys which never aired was intriguing. It was conceived as an ambitious saga that would have been a blend of anthology and lengthy storytelling, with each season set at a different time, while only the main vampire cast would remain the same (and perpetually young) while the location and support cast would change with each batch of new episodes. (The first season was set to take place in San Francisco during the Summer of Love.) It is not clear whether this Lost boys employ a similar vanity, be more of a remake of the original film, or something entirely different.

The original Lost boys, released in 1987, became a hit in theaters and went on to live a long life on home video and cable. The film – and in particular its cast, including Jason Patrick, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Keifer Sutherland – helped influence the look and tone of vampires in more modern productions in the ’90s and 2000s, and that’s become a beloved horror text. (Jordan Peele referred to it a lot in his recent horror film We.) For years, director Joel Schumacher tried to get a sequel called The lost girls, but it never met.

Instead, many years later, two direct-to-DVD sequels were released starring original actor Corey Feldman. And there were a few comics after the first movie as well. This new remake or reboot will certainly be the most publicized Lost boys project for quite a long time. Hope it doesn’t suck.

(Okay, we’ll allow him to suck some blood, given the topic.)

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