A Snowy Sci-Fi Mystery Vanishes Without A Trace On Stream

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If you like sci-fi, mystery, intense character-driven drama, awe-inspiring landscapes, lavish cinematography, and the element of surprise, then obviously arctic vacuum should be right up your street.

Then again, reviews from critics and fans alike haven’t been too kind to co-writer/director Darren Mann’s chilling flight of fancy, which currently holds a less than stellar 4.7/10 score on IMDb as of over a thousand votes. However, that did nothing to deter streaming subscribers from giving it the time of day over the weekend.

arctic void
via level 33 entertainment

According to FlixPatrol, arctic void did the opposite of almost its entire cast by refusing to disappear without a trace from the Prime Video charts, having nabbed a Top 10 spot in a handful of nations. While its scope often exceeds the advertised range, those with a soft spot for sub-zero genre flicks and chin-stroking guessing games might appreciate what’s on offer.

The title sums up the plot well, with the story kicking into high gear when almost everyone aboard an Arctic sightseeing boat goes missing following a power outage. From there, the three remaining passengers head to shore to try to regroup and figure out what’s going on, but their bodies and minds are more than a touch sensitive to elements of a literal, figurative, existential and psychological, leading to a truth they may not be ready to discover.

This might not appeal to everyone, but for a no-frills exercise in thought-provoking dread, arctic vacuum clearly ticks enough boxes for Prime Video’s audience.

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