Agents of SHIELD Star Joins the Cast of Mystery Comedy Movie Reunion

Dianne Doan, who played Kora in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, joins the star cast of upcoming murder mystery comedy Reunion.

Agents of SHIELD star Dianne Doan has joined the cast of the upcoming mystery comedy film, Meeting. Doan is a rising actress best known for her roles in the Marvel TV series. Agents of SHIELD and at Disney Offspring. Doan joined Agents of SHIELD in 2020 and took on the recurring role of Kora, Jiaying’s inhuman daughter, in Season 7. Currently, she is playing the role of Mai Ling in Cinemax’s warrior, a role she has held since 2019. While she has mainly confined herself to the small screen with television shows and TV movies, her next project will bring her to the big screen.

As reported by Variety, Doan joined the cast of Meeting. Meeting is an upcoming mystery comedy film that follows a high school reunion that takes an unexpected turn when a murder occurs. Doan will join some of the biggest names in the comedy genre as she stars alongside Lil Rel Howery, Billy Magnussen, Jillian Bell, Nina Dobrev, Jamie Chung, Michael Hitchcock and Chace Crawford. The exact role Doan will take on has not yet been disclosed.

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Meeting Certainly has potential with its experienced comedy cast and unique premise. The film is a typical detective story with the added comedic effect of taking place in an awkward high school reunion. Former classmates reunited will find themselves pushed together longer than expected when a murder occurs. The film will be a big credit to Doan as she ventures out onto the big screen and into the murder mystery genre. His past role in the Disney light Offspring movies will likely be a big plus for the comedic element of Meeting. As MeetingAs production begins, more plot details and roles in the film will likely be released.

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Source: Variety

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