Alien Show Sci-Fi Teaser May Complete Ridley Scott’s Movie Plan

Focusing on Earth, the future of humanity, and cybernetics, the TV show Alien can finally fulfill Ridley Scott’s plan to explore artificial intelligence.

upcoming FX Extraterrestrial The TV series is expected to focus on the future of humanity here on Earth, and the show may incorporate Ridley Scott’s plans involving artificial intelligence. Showrunner Noah Hawley has hinted the series will take on a cyberpunk feel reminiscent of Altered carbonmentioning how it can involve ideas such as immortality, cyborg upgrades, and spirit downloads, drawing on concepts from movies, like the dream visor of Prometheus. This promises to fit well with Scott’s vision for future films in the Extraterrestrial franchise to put more emphasis on AI.


Extraterrestrial, directed by Scott and released in 1979, fused the sci-fi and horror genres to make one of the most sci-fi films ever made. Building on the success of star warsScott got a big budget for Extraterrestrial, leading to one of the most iconic and influential franchises of the 20th century. The xenomorph creature (the film’s titular alien) has captivated audiences for decades, leading a single film to hatch into a saga, spawning three sequels, two prequels, a pair of non-canon crossover films, and an entire galaxy of graphic novels. , and video games. Unfortunately, the third and fourth kernel movies Extraterrestrial saga are widely considered poor additions to the world of history and, despite being promised for years, a Alien 5 the film has still not been made. However, a late 2021 announcement promised to bring the old franchise back to life with a TV series.

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The real villains Extraterrestrial movies have always been the corporate bureaucrats quietly pulling the strings behind the scenes, especially the shadowy Weyland-Yutani Corporation. With the Extraterrestrial With the TV series set on Earth, Hawley intends to introduce his corporate competitors into the picture. With Weyland-Yutani being so invested in AI, Hawley noted in a recent interview, “What if there were other companies trying to see immortality in a different way, with cyborg enhancements or transhuman downloads? Which of these technologies will win?” (via Squire). Building on technology concepts introduced in the movies, this new direction for the franchise resembles the ideas explored by films like the blade runner movies or ghost in the shell anime and manga, promising to add a whole new dimension to the Extraterrestrial mythos while pulling the stories in a direction that matches Ridley Scott’s original plans.

Scott’s intention for the next film of the Extraterrestrial saga was to focus more on artificial intelligence than on Extraterrestrialxenomorph creatures. Looking at the existing movies, it’s easy to see this progression. After the whack android in the original Extraterrestrialinspired by Hall of 2001: A Space Odyssey, androids have featured prominently, both as heroes and villains. previous movies, Prometheus and Alien: Pact, put so much emphasis on the rogue android David that it’s easy to argue that he’s actually the villainous protagonist of these stories. They carry strong themes of life, how life is created, and humanity’s place among it all. Hawley’s plans for the Extraterrestrial The TV show should not only continue on this theme, its comments suggesting that the story might even blur the line between who is human and who is a “artificial person,” like Bishop in Aliens.

When several entries in the Extraterrestrial franchise have been all about guns and action, exploring humanity’s technological future puts Noah Hawley Extraterrestrial TV show firmly back in the realm of science fiction, asking deep questions such as how mankind might survive in the future and whether or not they deserve it. These questions are likely to have complex answers, and the longer runtime of a TV series is the perfect place to Extraterrestrial to explore them in the detail they have long deserved.

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