Author Penelope Delgado publishes her second novel

The Canarian author Penelope Delgado has published her second novel, The Circus of Forgotten Talent, with which she has achieved great success not only in the Canary Islands but throughout the Spanish region and even beyond national borders. The book takes the reader to a cold, rainy autumn day in London in 1951, when Little Stone was born. Soon he is orphaned by a son, abandoned in the tent of a traveling circus, so he is part of a strange family. What is the real genius that lives in the depths of our existence waiting to be discovered?

Penelope Delgado thus invites readers to travel through the pages of this new book. It’s a “very moving” journey because it has many characters and many settings, but above all “it’s a journey into the human heart” because “what is outside, around us, is so beautiful , but also inside of us”. “is a wonderland”. “We are this rough diamond that most of the time nobody wants to polish, but we cannot wait for this practice to come from outside, rather we have to do it ourselves”, explains the Canarian author who invites the reader . “Embrace this reality with light and shadow”.

Delgado publishes The Circus of Forgotten Talent with the editorial staff of Circulo Rojo and confirms that his first work was very personal because he needed to empty himself, to bring out what was in him, himself. To be filled with novelties. And that allowed him to grow as a writer to approach this new creative project. Thus, she admits to having been “very honest” when writing this second novel. “I have great confidence in what I did and I think the story touched the general public; Somehow I managed to make people feel identified with certain characters and they also see the need for this practice of looking within,” Canarian explains.

The idea for this second novel was born in the most difficult part of imprisonment. “Everyone walked out to applause and when they went home and closed the windows it was like the world had stopped and there was only one thing to see. ‘inside.’ He says he took advantage of this moment, apart from the misfortune, “as an opportunity to stop and analyze our path, because usually we walk like automatons”.

“I have the impression of having experienced an evolution on the literary level because I feel more comfortable facing a blank page and I am able to examine more serenely”, explains the author, who has not badly covered. Also dared the character in this new plot. To shape this story, he was “inspired by the man, by what people would think when they had time to look inside themselves”. “I felt very calm writing that,” she admits and adds, while you always have to submit to the arrival of inspiration, it felt good. “I took it as a flexibility exercise and it felt like a wonderful time regardless,” he says.

After the enthusiastic reception of her book at the Madrid Book Fair, she says she is “overwhelmed” and “happy” because it has allowed her to sell many copies and that her book has had an impact in Mexico or even in Canada. . And in full promotion of his second novel, he already wants to tackle the third, for which he already has some ideas and for which he promises to be even more ambitious.

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