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Creative people are celebrated in Susanne Bacon’s latest novel Wycliff.

Anyone who’s ever read any of my Wycliff novels—novels set in a fictional small Victorian town in Puget Sound, somewhere between Olympia and Seattle—knows that my stories are about people from all walks of life. There are restaurateurs and policemen, landscapers and dockers, recyclers and accountants, shopkeepers and gallery owners, pastors, teachers, children. Well, for once I thought we should focus on some of the creative people in this community. Add some historical flavor, a bit of romance, and a few recipes — and Wycliff’s novel number 8 was in the works.

“Major Musings” deals with the struggle between imagination and reality of creatives. You will discover the ambitions and fears of writers, musicians, painters and actors. But let me tell you a bit more about what is going on.

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Hollywood descends on the Victorian town of Wycliff for a historic film, and part of the production team stays at Abby Winterbottom’s bed & breakfast, ‘The Gull’s Nest’. Besides major disruptions to normal life due to their filming, their romantic ambitions lead to changes not only in Abby’s life, but also in Wycliff’s only diary. Meanwhile, the wedding plans of lawyer Trevor Jones and his fiancee, Phoebe Fierce, become a roller coaster for lovers. And their flower girl Holly Hayes finds her voice in a way that doesn’t just surprise herself.

Lakewood author Susanne Bacon is already in the think tank for her next novel.

The historical flavor was added when, one day, I researched why the town of Renton was called Renton. Do you have any idea of ​​a great historical figure, Captain William Renton of Bainbridge Island? Well, my equally fictional movie script by fictional screenplay writer Isaac Frederickson will tell you interesting facts about this illustrious person at the start of each chapter.

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And, of course, the foodies among you will find some recipes that I concocted while I was writing. No worries, I tried them on my husband – and he’s not only still alive; he really loved them. You will even find a dessert, a rarity for me!

“Major Musings” (287 pages, ISBN-13:979-8820405440; $14.00) is also available as an e-book. Treat yourself to a light summer read!

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