Biopic on Anita Mui ends production, lead actress remains a mystery

A promise made between the great Asian film producer Bill Kong and the late pop-canto super star Anita Mui will soon be kept. Kong’s Edko Films has finally completed production of Anita, her long-awaited biopic of the legendary singer-actress who died 18 years ago.

Mui was once known as the ‘Madonna of the East’. Photo: FilepicRecalling a meeting with Mui in 2003, Kong (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Lust, prudence) said the beloved Hong Kong icon hoped to make a film that could leave a legacy for future generations. “Director Zhang Yimou and I then designed a role for her in House of Flying Daggers (2004). But we couldn’t achieve her dream because she passed away, ”Kong said in a statement.

Mui died of cervical cancer on December 30, 2003.

Kong recalled their decades-long friendship and said he never forgot their promise. “We met a long time ago. At the time, Edko Films was still a small business while Mui was already a super star. Laputa: castle in the sky, the film we were distributing at the time. I’m still grateful for his support, even today, ”Kong said.

“I still hope to fulfill his dream and find a way to compensate for not collaborating on House of Flying Daggers. These are my original intentions to shoot the biopic Anita“Said Kong.” I also hoped that more people would see the movie because Mui’s story and his never-give-up spirit is exactly the attitude of Hong Kong people. “

Kong said it took him three years to find the right cast, director and screenplay for the project across Asia. Finally, Longmond Leung (Cold War series) was hired to direct the film, and a new face was identified to play the prominent role of Mui. However, Edko Films still keeps the name of the lead actress who embodies the beloved Hong Kong icon a mystery.

The film company, however, has unveiled the first trailer and poster for Anita but the exact release date of won’t be known until next month.

Often referred to as the Madonna of the East in the English-speaking media, Mui was one of Hong Kong’s most iconic stars. She comes from a humble background and started performing in amusement parks and clubs as a child. She became a singing sensation overnight when she won a TVB singing competition in 1982. She went on to release a number of hit songs and stage many concerts.

Mui was also an accomplished actor. His performance as a ghost in search of his former lover in the Stanley Kwan classic Red won her Best Actress titles at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan in 1988 and the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1989.

Leung said Anita was not just a story about the star, but also a mirror of 1980s Hong Kong. “For me, Mui was the role model of the Hong Kong girl … she never gave up no matter what The hardships. To a large extent, Mui’s life is also a story of the people of Hong Kong, “Leung said. – By Vivienne Chow / Reuters

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