Book talk: 3 entertaining crime novels

Jeff Popple reviews three entertaining new crime novels from America. More of Jeff’s reviews can be found on his blog

Livid by Patricia Cornwell

Sphere, $32.99

Veteran thriller author Patricia Cornwell provides another gripping entry in her series on Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta with her latest book, Livid. A controversial murder trial is interrupted when it is learned that the judge’s sister has been found dead, apparently the victim of a home invasion. Scarpetta rushes to the scene to find an unexpected and disturbing cause of death that reopens old wounds and new dangers. Cornwell is a confident, free-flowing writer, and again she delivers an intriguing plot, plenty of suspense, and an abundance of interesting forensic detail. His many fans will not be disappointed.

state of the treasury by CJ Box

Head of Zeus, $29.99

CJ Box is best known for his stellar series on game warden, Joe Pickett, but in recent years he’s been developing a second series on Montana private eye, Cassie Dewell. state of the treasury is the fifth book to feature Cassie, and it finds the investigator caught up in two cases involving a slippery crook and supposedly buried treasure. Cassie is an interesting, flawed character who goes about her business with an eye-pleasing professional ease. As always with a Box novel, the story unfolds smoothly and great interest is maintained through to the thrilling conclusion.

The resemblance by Lauren Nosset

Macmillan, $34.99

Unlike Box and Cornwell, Lauren Nossett is just beginning her career, but her first novel, The resemblance, is full of promise. Detective Marlitt Kaplan is first on the scene when a University of Georgia student is killed in a bizarre hit-and-run. The daughter of a college professor, Marlitt is caught up in old secrets and the sordid world of American college fraternities as she attempts to bring the abuser to justice. Battling pressure from influential parents of wealthy students, Marlitt understands how powerful fraternities are. An impressive start.

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