Bureau’s ‘Threat Level Midnight’ gets its own graphic novel

Office fans are going to be feasted on as one of the most beloved episodes of the series, ‘Midnight threat level’ gets his own graphic novel. Midnight threat level is the house movie directed by Michael Scott, played by Steve carell. The episode in question shows the entire office sitting down to watch the film in the conference room.

Home movie follows Michael scarn, a government spy responsible for the death of his wife, Catherine Zeta-Scarn, who was killed by Golden face played by John krasinski. The 25-minute masterpiece takes Michael Scott 11 years. The spy thriller storyline can be seen at Michael’s office in Season 2, but it isn’t until Season 7 that the joke is brought back and finished for audiences. The entire movie stars all of her office colleges and is a good laugh as they all do their best to perform her awkwardly written dialogue.

Office, a comedy series featuring Steve Carell, is known for his well-written goofy comedy, with episodes striking the perfect balance between cringe-worthy adventures, perfect comedic timing, and heartfelt moments.

Now, Midnight threat level will be adapted as a graphic novel for Office fans who love the show. While unclear on the story, we can expect it to be as awkwardly written as it was on the show. The book can be pre-ordered now at dundermiflinpaper.com for $ 40. It should be released at the end of 2021 and will be around 60 pages long.

This is not the first graphic novel in the series. Last year, Who Comics published Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, the actual copy of the comic book Pam draws for Jim on the show. There are also other merchandise like Stanley Hudson inspired crossword puzzles and even the Dundie Prize available on the website.

It’s safe to say that fans of The Office will have plenty to entertain themselves even after the show ends. Are you excited for the next graphic novel? Let us know!

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