Canadian actor ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Van Helsing’ Aleks Paunovic stars in new NFT sci-fi series ‘GenZeroes’

The Vancouver-based actor breaks new ground with a cutting-edge NFT sci-fi series, Marvel’s Hawkeye, and more.

From Comparing Hollywood’s Marvel Family Ratings With Sir Anthony Hopkins To Starring In The Latest Movie NFT GenZeros – Canadian actor/producer Aleks Paunovic proves to be always on the cutting edge of performance and more.

Vancouver-based Paunovic has his sights set on the future. Perhaps that explains his stranglehold if you will – on the sci-fi genre.

During the Christmas holidays, his latest acting work came out into the world, my brother.

Hawk Eye is a long mini-series about the Avengers character and sees Paunovic play Ivan, leader of the Track Suit Mafia – antagonist Hawk Eye at the whim of likely – Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) played by Vincent D’Onofrio.

While the show is already a Christmas comedy, the Track Suit Mafia/Trust A Bro! A moving company brings light comic relief to the proceedings. Hawk Eye connects summer blockbuster Black Widow as well as the old daredevil and the Defenders Netflix series with Endgame, Thanos, and more.
Paunovic, meanwhile, has been rocking the North Hollywood lifestyle for well over a decade and counting — longer than the Marcel Cinematic Universe.

Moving from film to television has already seen him work twice with Hopkins, Michelle Pfeiffer, and in the Planet of the Monkeyfilm series. He has been in Hell on Wheels, Arctic Air, Doyle’s Republic, and Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, The 100, Arrow and Snowpiercer. Paunovic completed five seasons as lead actor in Van Helsing last year before Hawk Eye hit the bullseye this Christmas.

During confinement, he filmed Zero touch— a pandemic-related movie starring Anthony Hopkins that spawned a sequel that’s being filmed right now. While Zero touch was the first Hollywood movie to exist on the blockchain – its sequel the first Hollywood movie to shoot in Antarctica; another first.

“When everything was locked down, I was very lucky to be involved and it turned into a trilogy.”

How does shooting a movie on a laptop change his approach to acting?

“The whole look is the same work and preparation you would – but the same background but the stakes are higher. Interesting in my own house and the decorator asking to make sure a light is on, or that I record before a take,” he says.

“It’s something new to do, something brand new. I love being able to create differently every time.”

“Now we travel the world.”

However, Paunovic’s other foot at the moment is firmly entrenched in GenZeros – a cutting-edge, cross-platform, episodic NFT series.

“We shoot ten 5/6 minute episodes and then comic panels. However, it’s so new – viewers can make a part of the show their own, and artists are involved at all levels. It’s crazy. It’s a new medium NFT world that is exploding. My whole role is the creative aspect, but what I love is that it’s artist-driven,” he says.

“When they dropped the NFT they got a good response. House of Kibba needed more than just a 2D drop – so I got some Van Helsing boys to show that they are leading the project.

The series is set 2200 years after an alien invasion and the ten factions fight to control the future of the world. Van Helsing scribes Matt Venables and Jeremy Smith will serve as showrunners and are executive producers with Neil Stevenson-Moore. Kimani Ray Smith conducts.

“We have a phenomenal cast in place.”

It helps that the series is split by the artist – it shows where we’re going with the project – and the viewer can have split ownership.

The ‘GenZeros Universe’ includes the live-action series, comics, and collectibles.

“We could also drop NFTs into the series, or practical things – props that we make for filming – could drop a piece from the series. It’s an exciting space to be part of. We go from a talky-talky scene to an animated comic that can show a big fight scene – take the viewer through the pages – then back to live action.

The hope is that the series’ final episode drops in San Diego at Comic Con in March 2022.

“I’ve never had an office gig before – but here are these guys breaking down the story. To be able to create something out of nothing is great,” he says.

“We’re working hard to get in front of a camera to make a living – to have an artist-led, mutually supporting community. It’s a whole new space for NFT and cinema. All we can do is try it out. I’m having fun seeing what can happen and where we can go with it.

End of February – Paunovic says four episodes should have been shot. When it comes to action figures – while GenZeros might have – it’s old hat for Paunovic who has seen action figures for a handful of his characters there.

“Being part of this universe has been a special treat. If they have an action figure of Ivan tracksuit, of course, I will buy some.”

GenZeros could be a new way to produce films – and art as a whole.

Of course, if a building fell on Paunovic at the end of Hawk Eye, or it has been miniaturized, it cannot speak. Marvel’s NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements are legendary. When he first auditioned, it was also under a cone of silence and mystery.

“When I auditioned – I did a read, sent a video. Then I was told after I booked a Marvel job.

His lips are sealed as to what happens next beyond GenZeros.

“There are a few other projects that I can’t talk about. We will go at the end of March with the Zero Contact trilogy, still filming GenZeros all over the world,” he said.

“Then some really cool things happen from April through summer.”

From born and raised in North Winnipeg, to Vancouver, Hollywood and beyond with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to Antarctica and beyond with the NFTs.

“So crazy.”

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