Mystery Film

10 breathtaking movies you can’t miss

Morium Kulsum | Posted: 03 Aug 2021 11:30:52 Every now and then we want to watch movies that are something more than romantic cheesy comedies. We love watching movies that kick-start our imaginations and make us desperate to crack its hard-to-crack code. In this list, you will find such films …

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10 things that still hold today

Between the theatrical releases of Richard Donner’s revolutionary Superman film in 1978 and the precursor of Bryan Singer X Men film in 2000, Tim Burton brought the Caped Crusader to the big screen in a truly spectacular way. With the years 1989 Batman and its sequel, the years 1992 Batman …

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10 of the best mystery movies on Hulu, according to IMDb

Puzzle movies come in many different forms, from a Catholic Church-based drama hiding secrets to a boyfriend comedy trying to shed light on a teenage girl’s disappearance. . But no matter how different the movies are, the best are always entertaining and have a satisfying, shocking conclusion. RELATED: 15 Best …

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