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Civil Engineer Jaheel Castagne – Mark Lyndersay


My name is Jahleel Castagne and I don’t make New Years resolutions.

Most people just call me “G”. You know a nickname stuck when that’s what your mom calls you.

I am from Trincity and now live in Chaguanas.

I have five brothers and a sister.

My father passed away from MS when I was 16 (but) my wonderful mother Andrea deserves a special mention.

I am married but we have no children.

In my early childhood, I spent most of my free time playing soccer in our garden with my siblings. If we had a wind ball (aka tennis ball, for people rich enough to own tennis racquets) we would play cricket until the ball got lost in someone’s backyard or we broke someone’s window.

In adolescence, we played more in the street, with the neighborhood children. Until the ball got lost in someone’s backyard or someone’s window was smashed.

As a young adult, I rode a bicycle with friends. Partly to get away from parents and partly because neighbors were tired of having their windows smashed and / or stray bullets in their backyard.

I attended St Xavier Private Elementary School, St. George’s College, and UWI.

(As a civil engineer) I worked mainly in the private construction sector. Every day brings new and unique issues which can be very stressful.

But it’s not as boring as most jobs. And I come home each day knowing that I am part of creating something new.

(We) just installed 15 km of sewerage under San Fernando and a new wastewater treatment plant, one of the most important positive environmental projects that most people don’t know about.

I was raised RC but drifted towards more inclusive ideologies as I got older.

Like listening to old Allan Watts recordings and pretending I know what Enlightenment means.

I no longer find the relevant belief in my life, but I still love to see the strength that others can draw from it.

Funny enough, I find myself more sincere in my participation in other faiths since I left mine.

What awaits us after death is nothingness that we cannot fathom. We think that nothingness is the absence of everything, but I think that this nothingness will also be the absence of nothing. Time, temperature, even a state of consciousness will not exist for us to describe as “long”, “cold” or even “sleep”.

Jaheel Castagne: I worked mainly in the private construction sector. Every day brings new and unique issues which can be very stressful.
But it’s not as boring as most jobs. -Marc Lynderday

I think the idea of ​​dying is a lot scarier than the thought of being dead.

Plus, it comforts me to think that my f — ups will likely be lost in the ether after I die.

My favorite color is black.

And slightly darker shades of black.

A good beer and a good barbecue can ease any situation.

Except maybe a hostage situation …

Actually now that I think about it …

If I want something quick and eye-catching, I’ll read non-fiction. I highly recommend Fast Food Nation.

If I have the time, the energy, and enough attention time in reserve, I like to get lost in longer fantasy or sci-fi series. I completed the Isaac Asimov Foundation series and moved on to Robin Hobbs’ Realm of the Elderlings Trilogy Collection.

This is undoubtedly due to growing up in long fictional series like Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The best book I have ever read was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is a book that we regret having only been able to read for the first time once.

My favorite writer is a raffle between Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore. Both have a sense of humor that would tickle your t-ts (if you agree, of course).

Life is musical. Trinis speak in melodies and sometimes include words in our sentences. Even those who don’t like music can’t walk the streets without keeping a beat.

I sometimes dance like no one is looking at me. When no one is watching.

It’s impossible to choose a favorite movie, but Interstellar was as perfect as a movie could be. If you could throw it into the sky while a live orchestra played the soundtrack, maybe you could do it justice. It still amazes me that, five years before the production of the first image of a black hole, theoretical physicists predicted what a black hole would look like, to ensure the accuracy of the depiction of the film. The representation was correct.

Give me big beef burgers from Clever Cleaver to Eddie Hart. He makes his patties from scratch, using different cuts of beef instead of fillers to create the fat content needed for the patty to stick together. If someone told me they made obeah on their burgers to make it taste so good, I would believe it.

And then order two more.

My first New Years resolution was to lose the weight I gained over Christmas time and yes I kept it… I kept the weight off.

I quit making New Years resolutions for the same reason I quit looking forward to Christmas presents as I got older.

In the same way that I could now afford to get what I want all year round, I realized that every day is a chance to make a new resolution.

Although I can still only make resolutions on Mondays for some reason.

For some people, the artificial pressure of the “once a year” opportunity for positive change gives them the extra motivation they need to stick with it; or so I think the thought goes.

(But) every Monday is like a new year for me.

I have found it more effective to remove the pain of failure as much as possible, so I am less dissuaded from starting over. Maybe sometimes it’s okay when failure is an option.

The only New Year’s resolution that would be worth making and keeping would be the resolution not to make a resolution this year, except this one … and that … and that … damn it !

Seriously, a resolution for me to try to interrupt less and listen more might be worth it. I think it will be worth it.

For those around me.

The big (life) issues that keep everyone awake worry me. Like: What will death be like?

Where do I draw the line between being nice and being a pushover?

Why is it so hard to tell people how much I love them?

Who said “po-TAH-toe?”

You can find a bit of everything in Trinidad.

Except a cool breeze and a parking space in the “good” Sando.

So many Trini have absolutely nothing in common, it seems unfair to define a Trini by just one attribute. The devout religious follower who prays every day and does not touch alcohol is just as Trini as the carnival babies who take out loans to get drunk and play at the farmhouse every year.

A Trini is anyone who first identifies as a Trini.

Trinidad and Tobago means “the world” to me.

Chances are, the best meal you’ve ever eaten was made up of ingredients that had nothing in common except on this plate. TT is a country of people who just add flavor to the mix. Because our (population) is made up of people who had nothing in common with the other inhabitants when they came to our shores. TT is like a lifelong meal.

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]]> The romanticism of chess Sat, 01 Jan 2022 14:12:48 +0000

I wanted to write a dissertation, but the connective tissue of the dissertation did not interest me. I wanted to return memories that would pop up like mushrooms and quickly fade away. I owe a lot to where I grew up, in a black neighborhood where people talked and spent time on the porch and in the corner, just like my brothers and their friends as they smoked weed. , drank Mickey Big Mouths and Heinekens, and talked all the time about the craziness of Vietnam, the nuclear war, and HP Lovecraft, and from there they embarked on the adventures of the neighborhood’s many memorable characters. I tried to do it here. A new opus will be released here every Saturday this and next month.


My high school girlfriend dumped me as soon as she arrived at UCSB and realized she could do better. She was attractive and lean in an era when being lean was perhaps the most important attribute for popularity in a university surrounded by beautiful beaches and populated by students strutting in bikinis and other rare swimwear.

Although I haven’t heard from him, I had fantasies about us getting back together, staying together, and having a family and all that. I thought I might win her heart again, but realized it was hopeless when she started to tan. It was proof that she had passed to the other side. We were courteous and sometimes saw each other in the outbuildings for lunch. We have been quite polite.

My little Layne always saw her sister Justine. They were an attractive couple in appearance and intelligence. He was reading the encyclopedia of philosophy for fun, and she was just as smart and serious about entering medical school. They shared a strong love affair. She didn’t care about his dedication to getting a chess master’s grade, even if that meant he would crawl out her bedroom window after his mother fell asleep – as much to be with her as to study the games of Kasparov. Fortunately for them, his mother was a heavy sleeper. His concentration was threatened when his aunt grew fed up with seeing him spending all of his time playing chess ten hours a day and mostly ignoring his homework as he prepared for a chess competition that could propel him to the rank of master. He didn’t care about school because he was actually a very smart guy and he could put him together to complete the required schoolwork, play basketball and practice chess and hang out with the sister. of my old girlfriend. I was surprised to get a call from her while I was home for a weekend. It was a succinct conversation, and that didn’t imply that she wanted me to be in her life.

“Your best friend is at my mom’s and he won’t be leaving.”


“I heard he was using drugs to help him focus on a chess tournament and he was going crazy. He refuses to leave, and my sister takes her side. Could you please go there before my mom calls the police on him? “

She started to cry and started begging me to make him go away. It was a strange position. She dumped me for a guy who had a withered arm and had been caught in a fire before, so he had weird facial scars. Somehow his scars made me doubt my own attractiveness, or maybe the guy had a really winning personality. I always wanted to be with her, so maybe if I made my crazy chess player buddy, she would want to start over with me. It was worth a try. Ever since my friend became an engaged and competitive chess player, he hasn’t had time to hit him on the porch and eat hot Cheetos and those weird off-brand tamales, speaking of sci-fi novels. and where to find the blowjob scene in Dahlgren.

I borrowed my mom’s car and drove to Ladera Park, which some thought was the next Baldwin Hills where black people with cash moved to get seriously upscale. This was also the place where my girlfriend’s stepdad shot a shotgun at us to be in the kitchen with his stepdaughters while they cooked hot dogs and fries. I was paralyzed with fear but my girlfriend bombed him, disarmed his ass and smashed the shotgun on the sidewalk. And I knew then that women were the stronger half of the gender gap.

Now it was all over between us, except for this last meeting which might change something and she would like me to come back.

I knocked on the door of their house in Ladera Park and my girlfriend’s sister answered and I could tell they did it, you know, like they weren’t going upstairs to breathe. And because of the sweet smell of air freshener and the bitter smell of cheap weed, they were happily settled. I was happy for them but he had to go. If the police rolled, his butt would curl up.

“Hey,” he said, and his eyes took a minute to focus.

“I’m glad you woke up because you have to get out of here.” “

” What why ? I have a chess competition and I have to concentrate.

My girlfriend’s sister nodded as if she had drunk the Kool-Aid with it. I thought about my girlfriend and how pretty and smart she was, and really wanted to get back with her, so I started lying like you do when nothing else works. My boy had set up the chess board and opened a big chess book and started running through the openings. Her ass wasn’t going to listen to reason, so I knew I had to lie. The whole time I was there he was trying to light a joint, but he was having trouble lighting it, so I assumed he had smoked more than a few bowls already. Finally, he turned it on and inhaled deeply as he went through the chess set-ups.

It was hopeless. He had found happiness in my old maid’s house, and he was never going to leave, and I would never find my old girlfriend again. Then it occurred to me what I should do. When in doubt, lie down.

“Dude, she’s going to smoke the house in the morning and you’re going to be trapped inside with it all.” “

Now I had his attention. ” You must go there ! “

“Maybe,” he said, looking annoyed. He got dressed and I thought I had managed to get him out of my ex-girlfriend’s house. He grabbed his backpack and put on his B-Ball t-shirt and shoes, and just as he walked out the door, he turned to me and shook his head angrily.

“I don’t believe her. This woman is always cooking up things to interrupt my preparation.

“You don’t want to be here if they try this place and start spraying poison.”

” I am not going ! He said and threw himself on the bed.

Like I said before, my friend was a tall, lanky basketball player who wore basketball shorts almost all the time. Somehow, in his anger, he forgot he didn’t have a jock, or even tight blanks. Under those basketball shorts, he only had his bare ass.

As soon as he landed on his girlfriend’s bed, his face changed from paranoid rage to agony. He screamed as if he had been stabbed and was about to die. Then to turn up the theatrical aspect, he curled up in the fetal position and moaned in pain.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, but didn’t really want to know.

“I twisted them,” he gasped.

“What’s wrong? “

“My nuts and I sat on it.”

My girlfriend’s sister rushed out of the room and came back just as quickly with the car keys. She took his arm and helped him up from the bed and led him all leaning towards his mother’s car outside. She carefully helped him into the car as he continued to moan in pain. I had to fight not to laugh. I watched them walk away just as her mother stepped out screaming that her daughter had stolen her car.

Although I managed to get my old best friend out of her mom’s house, my high school girlfriend still kicked me on the sidewalk. I recovered, but still don’t understand the evolutionary benefit of having large testicles.


Jervey Tervalon was born in New Orleans and raised in Los Angeles, and received his MFA in Creative Writing from UC Irvine. He is the author of six books, including Understand this, for which he won the New Voices award from the Quality Paper Book Club. He is currently Executive Director of Literature for Life, an educational advocacy organization, and Creative Director of Pasadena LitFest. His latest novel is Monster boss.

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