Science Fiction

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce: May 4

May 4, 2021 For many science fiction enthusiasts, today is commonly known as Star Wars Day. For Gwinnett’s bedroom, today eclipses a year of COVID-free return to work. Fourteen months ago, the world counted with a global pandemic that reinvented almost every aspect of life: family, friends, work, health, spirituality …

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HELL trailer preview number 1

While not directly involved in the series, John Carpenter’s style is omnipresent in these spooky comics. John Carpenter’s Science Fiction Tales: HELL released their debut issue last week, and now they’ve revealed a trailer in order to grab their readers and get new fans. The series was inspired by a …

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How Hollywood Movies and TV Shows Impact Real Science

While the on-screen representations of expandable mutants or a dinosaur terrorizing the toilet may seem completely unrelated to actual research, film and television production crews have spent decades searching for scientists to verify scripts and special effects. Driven by the sci-fi boom from the 1970s, Hollywood has since sought expert …

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