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Atlanta, Georgia, September 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – If you have a property, maybe an apartment or a house, lying around and working as additional storage space, now you can learn how to flip the property to fit it. Airbnb standards and earn monthly income from it with the help of Build Wealth With Airbnb, a coaching company started by Simone Roundtree Harris.

The website gives you options to sign up for a face-to-face course with Investhersimone where she will teach you Airbnb 101 such as:

  • How to create Airbnb Business and get the tax deduction
  • How to choose the best locations
  • How to set up Airbnb while subletting
  • How to make an extra 20,000 profit per month
  • How to generate passive income and build wealth
  • How to automate and transfer completely
  • How to become a SuperHost in 3 months
  • How to live in the house during the rental
  • How to Approve Properties with Bad Credit and No Work History or References
  • How to start with little or no money

Simone gives the ultimate millennium guidelines for earning income from Airbnb leased real estate and personally helps you every step and every hurdle in the process.

With his one-on-one coaching, his clients will learn through the first-hand knowledge of industry professionals how to build a successful and profitable Airbnb business.

This course helps people find the right property choices and options, get properties approved even if they have a low credit score, and learn how to get the maximum tax return on their Airbnb business.

To book your lessons, you can visit the Build Wealth With Airbnb by Investhersimone website at connect here.

About Simone:

Simone is a humble and motivated entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses at the age of 24. Simone is best known for her finance company Equity Finance and Tax Services. A company located in Atlanta, Georgia that helps some of the most notable celebrities improve their credit, wealth management, and a wide range of investment strategies. Another being Airbnb coaching. She started renting out her property on Airbnb at the age of 21 and quickly rose through the ranks.

When she first started renting on Airbnb, she was in a financial bind and was desperate to make ends meet. After moving too Atlanta a year earlier. With very few options, she started with a bedroom. Encouraged by the surprisingly high income this generated, she decided to start renting another room in her two-bedroom apartment. Which forced him to leave one of the rooms and enter his living room and renovate the area into a kind of studio. This in turn returned her higher income level increased.

In a very short time she rose to the top and became an Airbnb SuperHost.

She is already helping around 100 clients and teaching them how to navigate around this concept and get into the Airbnb game to earn high profits on their properties. It also helps individuals who wish to purchase rental properties at low prices.

Personally, she owns a multitude of properties in the Atlanta-Georgia area. She’s one of the best Airbnb SuperHost, at around $ 30,000 per month, and gives her valuable time and valuable information to teach other aspirants how to start their own Airbnb businesses.

With a busy work schedule, Simone understands the importance of having a balanced life. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading and strolling through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Simone’s next goal is to secure properties in the Vegas area, as this is also where she travels frequently.

If you have any questions for her, you can contact her at website and leave him a message. It is also available on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. You can follow her there for updates.

Media Details:
Name: Simone Roundtree Harris Investhersimone
Society: Create wealth with Airbnb
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.buildwealthwithairbnb.com/


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