Co-creator Rob Liefeld’s Deadpool Graphic Novel Will Be Serialized As A Comic Book

Deadpool: Bad Blood, a graphic novel by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, and Chad Bowers will be re-serialized as comics coming to stores in April.

In 2017, dead Poolis co-creator Rob Liefeld teamed up with writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers to create the character’s first original graphic novel: Deadpool: Bad Blood. Now, in a recent announcement from Marvel, fans of Merc with a Mouth can re-read and relive one of its greatest adventures in a new serialized comic book format, hitting comic book stores in April.

Wade Wilson is not the typical superhero. Where other heroes might act rationally, with a plan and a code of ethics, Deadpool does the exact opposite. Usually carrying two swords or two pistols depending on the situation, he has no problem shooting and smashing his way through enemies to get what he wants. Needless to say he did a lot. Deadpool: Bad Blood has one he just can’t get over: the brutal Thumper, who seems to have a history with Wade and constantly shows up out of the blue to mash him up. Deadpool has no idea who this villain is, so he enlists Domino’s help, hoping some luck can help reveal the identity of the fearsome enemy. How could they do this? To solve this mystery, they’ll have to revisit old memories from one of Deadpool’s first encounters with Cable’s X-Force team.


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Old friends and dangerous foes all make an appearance in the hit that is Deadpool: Bad Blood. The original graphic novel scripted by Sims and Bowers blends Deadpool’s action, ’90s aesthetics, and groundbreaking fourth-wall humor, with Liefeld’s signature art style making every panel a masterpiece. Marvel has announced that fans will now have the opportunity to re-watch the story when the first two issues of Deadpool: Bad Blood come out in April. The co-creator also creates all new covers for each issue, highlighting Deadpool and all of his various shenanigans.

Shortly after the announcement, Liefeld expressed excitement about the re-serialization of his acclaimed series. “I don’t know which call was better, the one from 2017 where Marvel told me that Deadpool: Bad Blood was the #1 graphic novel of the month or last month’s call when Marvel told me they wanted to split the 100 pages into a miniseries for audiences who might have missed it the first time around! Dead Pool! Cable! X-Force! Kane and Thumper’s debut! This is my favorite work, a personal work, and I’m so thrilled that we’re releasing it in a brand new format! Get your hands on it in April!!!

Those who missed the 2017 graphic novel can rejoice, knowing they can read it for themselves in the new comic book format. Collectors will also be able to collect each issue with a new cover. Rob Liefeld is certainly thrilled to have his acclaimed story told, and fans of dead Pool should be too. Be sure to pick up Deadpool: Bad Blood #1 and #2, by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, in stores April 6 and April 20, respectively.

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