Crown Sterling Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent for New Cryptographic Key Compression

Robert E. Grantfounder and CEO of Crown Sterling, said, “We were very pleased with the speed with which this landmark patent was issued by the US Patent Trademark Office. This is the first of many new patents related to our innovations in cryptography and compression. Crown Sterling Chain is the world’s first Layer 1 blockchain to implement One-Time Pad’s quantum-resistant cryptography.”

Quantum computers, as demonstrated by the work of Stone Shor and others, have computational resources beyond the capabilities we have today, rendering the security of traditional asymmetric encryption and their cryptographic algorithms obsolete. One-Time Pad is an information-theoretic-based encryption method that does not depend on assumptions about an attacker’s computational resources (and is therefore quantum-resistant), unlike conventional encryption protocols relying on prime numbers and number theory. This new method of large key compression allows a practical and scalable implementation of One-Time Pad encryption in combination with blockchain technology.

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Crown Sterling’s mission is to empower individuals to claim, protect and control their data in an age of vulnerability and largely unregulated Big Tech monopolization. Crown Sovereign (CSOV) the utility token gives users access to the new suite of products, including quantum strong cryptography and NFTs, end-to-end encrypted messaging and other future data compression technologies. The Crown Sterling chain is a high-speed independent Layer 1 solution built using Polkadot’s Substrate frame. With the CSOV token and ecosystem, users can encrypt personal data, including geolocation and browsing history, and convert that data into NFT with the ability to monetize it on exchanges. With data becoming the world’s most valuable asset, Crown Sterling is excited to usher in a new paradigm of Data sovereignty. To learn more about Crown Sterling and CSOV, join the community at Telegram and Twitter.

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