Denuo Novo’s 1989 Batman Cowl Painstakingly Recreates Iconic Movie Costume

Even more than 30 years after it hit the big screen, Michael Keaton’s Batsuit remains one of the most iconic looks in the Dark Knight’s vast wardrobe. Now fans of Batman ’89 have the chance to own an incredibly realistic, screen-accurate recreation of Keaton’s Batman cowl.

The 1989 Batman Cowl is the first in a new series of DC-themed collectibles from Denuo Novo, a subsidiary of collectibles giants NECA and Rubies that previously specialized in 1:1 recreations of helmets and costumes from the Star Wars movies. As with their various versions of Star Wars, this Batman cowl is designed to be both highly accurate and wearable. Check out this impressive piece from every possible angle in the slideshow gallery below:

Gallery Batman Cowl 1989 by Denuo Novo

The cowl was digitally sculpted and cast in a durable material called elastomer, resulting in an accessory that recreates Keaton’s Batsuit down to the finest detail. Even the cowl’s rough texture is reminiscent of the 1989 movie. The cowl comes with a display base for those who prefer to show it off as a collectible, but it’s also designed to be worn by those who want to up their game. cosplay of a few dozen notches.

The 1989 Batman Cowl is priced at $950 and limited to just 200 pieces worldwide. Pre-orders will be open on the Denuo Novo website Monday, April 11. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll shell out the cash for this pricey but very impressive piece.

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