‘Duty Free’ is the ultimate movie to watch with mom on Mother’s Day

This is your reminder that Mother’s Day is approaching Sunday. And the documentary “Duty free” is your reminder that you should probably be doing a little more than just making a phone call.

The film, which hits theaters today and can be streamed via The Roxie, can earn filmmaker Sian-Pierre Regis the unofficial Son of the Year award. After her 75-year-old mother, Rebecca Danigelis, was fired from her lifelong job as a cleaning lady in 2016, Regis stepped up her efforts. In addition to helping her navigate the digital job search landscape, Regis made a plan to spend more time with her by creating a list of activities that she had been too busy throughout her career. life because of his career.

“Duty Free” is a film from director Sian-Pierre Regis about connecting with his 75-year-old mother.

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Highlights on Danigelis’ list include skydiving, milking cows, and attending a hip-hop dance class. Images of his Boston Marathon competition must have been left on the cutting room floor, but the most moving moment came on a trip to England. When Régis’ aunt died years earlier, Danigelis was unable to attend her sister’s funeral due to work. It was their first visit to the grave.

“It’s so powerful because you see the emotion and regret in my mom’s eyes, and as she leaves she says something like, ‘I wish I had come before,’” Regis told SFGATE. “I just think this moment is a mirror to the audience and makes them ask, ‘What did I put my work before and was it worth it?'”

“Duty Free” is a film from director Sian-Pierre Regis about connecting with his 75-year-old mother.

Courtesy of 42 West

Régis and his mother’s four-year journey is compressed into just 70 minutes. It shows how rewarding spending more time with your parents can be, but the film also touches on the challenges of aging in America. Between items on the bucket list, filmmakers follow Danigelis as she learns the computer skills needed to apply for jobs, even non-technical ones. It’s an important reminder that the application process for many jobs inadvertently eliminates older applicants who may never have submitted a paper CV except in person.

“To see my mom struggling to find a job just trying to figure out the social internet, which she never learned, we really speak a different language than these old people and we don’t allow them to to catch up. We are just doing them a great injustice, ”said Régis.

“Duty Free” is a film from director Sian-Pierre Regis about connecting with his 75-year-old mother.

Courtesy of 42 West

While it’s probably unrealistic to offer a to-do list as a Mother’s Day gift (Régis admits it’s “so extra”), the general concept is easier to achieve than we don’t think so. Regis simply suggests asking your parents to name something they’ve always wanted to do, and then commit to helping them achieve it. At the end of the day, what you really offer is not just a new experience, but personal time and attention.

“I think the easiest thing you can do is give your mom some time. I had the opportunity to ask my mother all the questions I could have asked her and to learn more about her as a person, and it is because I gave her time, ”says Regis. “And now his legacy lives on in me. At its most human level, it is the greatest gift I can give myself. But also to feel seen is just amazing.

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