Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Just Appeared In DC’s Latest Superhero Movie (Photo)

One of the most vocal voices in the DC Extended Universe is none other than Dwayne Johnson. Ironically, the star hasn’t even had her own movie yet. His character, Black Adam, has his own movie due out later this year.

Before that, however, it will direct another output: DC Super Pet League. The animated adventure sees the voice of The Rock Krypto, Superman’s dog, as he is forced into action to save the world from a threat even the Justice League can’t beat.

Audiences around the world seem to be enjoying the experience, though fans were no doubt surprised when it came time for the film’s post-credits teaser. While Johnson may have led the fun animal adventure as Krypto, in the film’s final minutes, viewers got to see the actor’s favorite antihero on screen a little earlier.

Black Adam gets a cameo

DC Super Pet League is finally out in theaters around the world. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as Krypto, Superman’s canine sidekick, as he is forced into action to save his master’s life and potentially the world.

While audiences are thrilled with the film, it’s the post-credits scene that has fans talking. In fact, the film’s star has now made a instagram post drawing attention to the new animal of the doghouse: Anubis, Black Adam’s dog.

The scene in question sees Black Adam visiting John Krasinski’s Superman as he plays with Krypto. Although the face of the anti-hero is not visible, the back of it clearly resembles the appearance of the character in the next black adam live action movie.

DC Comics

In his post, the actor thanked the audience “for making Super Pets the #1 movie [in America]”, while drawing attention to Black Adam’s cameo alongside Superman at the dog park:

“THANK YOU for making SUPER PETS the #1 MOVIE…but did you stay until the END credits…You already know how I feel about SUPERMAN vs. BLACK ADAM…the Indestructible Force encounters the Immobile Object.”

As exciting as it may seem to see the Man of Steel next to Black Adam, fans probably weren’t expecting to meet Anubis, who Johnson said was “the baddest and baddest anti-hero dog that walks [on] the green earth of God:”

“With the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE, we had the opportunity to create this awesome animated universe in a fun and cool way… So three times Teremana later, I had an idea for the end credits.. .allow me to introduce you to the baddest , baddest , dog walking anti hero [on] The green earth of God…. ANUBIS… Complete with his new favorite toy – Bruce Batman Squeeze…”

Black Adam, Anubis
DC Comics

To top off the social media post, The Rock teased how “[they] have big construction projects [both] Black Adam DC Universe [and also] DC Super Pets Universe:”

“At Seven Bucks Productions we have big plans to develop the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE and now the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE with our partners Warner Bros. and DC Comics – and SUPER PETS & BLACK ADAM is just the beginning.”

The Hierarchy Of The DC Pet Universe Is About To Change

While fans wanted to see Black Adam and Superman share the screen together, that’s probably not what many thought. It’s almost a shame that it had to happen in DC Super Pet League first.

If the animated movie gets a sequel, Adam’s dog, Anubis, will definitely play a major role. This would likely mean that Dwayne Johnson would end up voicing three different characters in the same film.

While The Rock certainly enjoys flaunting Black Adam, it’s great to see him explicitly play on the character’s association with Superman. It at least shows that the concept is in his mind and could very well make it a live-action adventure down the line.

However, one has to wonder why the general public seems to want to see him go up against Superman more than his nemesis Shazam. However, given recent interviews with the director of Zachary Levi’s upcoming film, Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil sharing the screen seems closer to reality than Billy Batson taking on the big anti-hero villain anytime soon.

DC Super Pet League now playing in theaters worldwide, black adam hits theaters on October 21 later this year, and Shazam! Fury of the gods arrives on December 21.

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