Elkrem Capital publishes a new DeFi strategy

Elkrem Capital publishes a new DeFi strategy

The goal is a higher return through direct purchases

Mr. Kannithi delivers a keynote speech at Money Expo 2022.

Elkrem Capital, a decentralized finance (DeFi) asset management service provider from the Cryptomind Group, has launched “E-Growth”, a new investment strategy to help investors capture DeFi returns amid the global downturn. market volatility.

Kannithi Thongthanakul, founder of Kim DeFi Daddy and Bitcoin Addict, said the investment program will help investors find ways to maximize yield gains in each type of market.

He said that despite the current market crash, cryptocurrency and DeFi are still worth investing in due to the increase in use cases that go beyond trading and selling.

Mr. Kannithi said that DeFi is catching up with traditional finance because it can operate like a bank through the Venus protocol, like an exchange through the Mirror protocol, or like an asset manager through the Balancer protocol.

“One thing that differentiates DeFi from centralized finance like banks is that DeFi runs on code, enabling significantly lower costs as it does not require operational costs such as electricity, rental fees or employee salaries. DeFi platforms can offer investors higher returns than traditional banks,” he said.

However, there are thousands of platforms and many of them could be scams, which requires careful research, Kannithi said. Therefore, investors need a solution to simplify the investment process, especially in uncertain and volatile markets.

He said Elkrem Capital’s E-Growth uses half of investors’ money to buy stablecoins, digital coins that are pegged to an asset such as the US dollar, and the other half for cryptocurrency. high-potential currencies like Bitcoin.

Mr. Kannithi said the program is an improvement over directly buying digital assets on your own, as Elkrem Capital buys the coins through DeFi platforms that provide returns to investors.

E-Growth has a minimum investment of 500,000 baht and will be available from May 12 to 19, according to the Bitcoin Addict website.

E-DFY is another investment program from Elkrem Capital that places the majority of investor funds in stablecoins.

By getting the return from the DeFi platform in the same way as the E-Growth plan, investors who have been with E-DFY since its inception have seen their capital grow by 171%, the company said. E-DFY is best during bear markets due to its investment in stablecoins, he said.

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