Elle Fanning’s ‘Lump of Coal’ Christmas Movie Deserves Its 0% Rotten Tomatoes Score

Hollywood understands the hype surrounding Christmas and sometimes gives us some of the best movies that become classics. movies like Alone at home at Elfthese movies never go out of style.

However, for every five good movies, there’s always one that doesn’t quite capture the essence of Christmas. One of those that missed the mark is Elle Fanning’s Christmas movie. The star’s “lump of coal” The Christmas movie deserves its 0% Rotten Tomatoes score.

A look at Elle Fanning’s career

Fanning started acting before she was even three years old. Her acting debut came when she appeared in Taken as the younger version of her older sister Dakota Fanning. The two also worked together in the film I am Sam. Fanning became independent from her sister in 2002 when she appeared in Dad Day Care.

In 2004, her talent shone when she landed the role of Ruth in The door in the floor. Although the producers wanted to cast twins, they decided to go with Fanning because of her acting talent. She then appeared on Charlotte’s web the following year and played the daughter of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in babel.

She would find her babel cast mates two years later in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this time playing Blanchett’s younger self. Fanning appeared as the title character in Phoebe in Wonderland that same year, although the film premiered in 2009. In 2007, she appeared in 3D Nutcracker like Mary. The movie premiered in 2010.

Fanning then appeared in We bought a zoo, Super 8, and Somewhere. She however gained international recognition when she appeared in Maleficent alongside Angelina Jolie. The role helped Fanning earn more roles appearing in Trumbo, Low Down, Young Ones, The Neon Demon, and The disappearance of Sidney Hall. Fanning starred in Plainville’s daughter in 2022 and is expected to play in The Nightingale.

Elle Fanning’s 2009 Film Deserves Its 0% Score Rotten Tomatoes

Nutcracker star Elle Fanning on the red carpet | Jesse Grant/WireImage

Fanning appeared in The Nutcracker: The Untold Storyformerly known as 3D Nutcracker in 2009, playing Mary. The film follows the character of Fanning, who receives a magic doll revealed to be a prince. She embarks on an adventure to help the prince save his people from the Rat King.

Nutcracker was a box office flop earning $20 million against a budget of $90 million. It was also widely criticized by critics who called out the film for its twisted visuals and similarities between Rats and Nazis.

The film has a 0% rotten tomatoes score, with many critics agreeing that the score is well deserved. Brian D. Johnson of Maclean’s Magazine warned, “Don’t watch this movie. Do not take your children to see this film. Don’t be tempted by the title or the dancing visions of sugar plum fairies. Do not put on the 3D glasses.

Top critic Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter said of the film, “Delivering the cinematic equivalent of a lump of coal in a Christmas stocking, 3D Nutcracker is an apparent scrooge-like attempt by Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky to forever ruin children’s association with the classical ballet Yuletide.

Cheat Sheet also ranked the movie #1 on its list of worst holiday movies of all time.

Other films with a score of 0% for Rotten Tomatoes

Critics called the 1998 science fiction film Mac and me “a pale imitation of ET” and “a thinly veiled advertising feature for McDonalds and Coca-Cola”.

3 strikes might have promised to give audiences a hilarious moment, but critics felt otherwise. A review of the 2000 film said it “lacks direction and its understated humor isn’t even that funny”.

For London Fieldsthe consensus stated that “not every book needs to be made into a movie”.

Check out more movies with a 0% score Rotten Tomatoes listed by Newsweek.

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