Every Addams Family Movie Ranked, According to IMDb

Created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in the 1930s, the Addams Family continues to be celebrated as the most deliciously macabre family to ever grace the silver screen. Since their first appearance in the new yorker in 1938, the eccentric family became a staple of pop culture.

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As a franchisee, The Addams Family has kept up with its times and has been constantly reintroduced to modern audiences through a variety of mediums – from television and film to video games and even a musical adaptation. The franchise’s films are some of its most notable properties, which can definitely be ranked according to IMDb.

6 Addams Family Reunion (1998) might have been a hit had it stayed true to its delightfully dark source material

IMDb rating: 3.8

Addams Family Reunion had many great elements that could have made it as successful as its predecessors, The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993). From horror legend Tim Curry as Gomez Addams to director Dave Payne instilling the film with the satirical dark comedy that defines the franchise, many of these redeeming qualities make Addams Family Reunion even more disappointing in retrospect.

One of the main areas where this film adaptation went wrong was co-writer Scott Sandin insisting that Addams Family Reunion Should be suitable for a younger audience. For this reason, many of the darker satirical beats that Payne advocated did not make the final cut. As a movie that received an abysmal 3.8/10 IMDb rating, it’s no wonder Addams Family Reunion is often considered the long forgotten Addams Family film.

5 The Addams Family 2 (2021) Didn’t Learn From Its Animated Predecessor’s Shortcomings

IMDb Rating: 5.4

The Addams Family 2 is the newest addition to the franchise’s growing list of film adaptations. As The Addams Family (2019), The Addams Family 2 is a computer-animated film that chronicles the delightful dark family as they go about their eccentric antics. The film follows the Addams family as they embark on an uncharacteristic journey: going on a road trip.

The Addams Family (2019) and The Addams Family 2 might have had potential if they were aimed at an audience that grew up watching reruns of the first Addams Family movies. However, both films are aimed at younger audiences – meaning the films had to toe the tricky line of channeling the franchise’s alluring gothic sensibilities while ensuring these films were appropriate for younger viewers. As the IMDb ratings for both films indicate, the writers and producers of the films largely missed the mark both times.

4 Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977) brought the beloved family together, but fans agree its plot was lackluster

IMDb Rating: 5.7

Even though Halloween with the New Addams Family cannot be held to the same caliber as The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Valuesit was a notable addition to the Addams Family franchise as the only film featuring the cast of the 1964-66 sitcom. While contemporary fans were thrilled to see this incredible cast reunited, the film’s plot was lacking, and the Addams Family mansion was nothing like the sitcom’s.

Unlike other films in the franchise, Halloween with the New Addams Family was a made-for-TV movie that reunited the cast of The Addams Family sitcom after it was canceled in 1966. In addition to celebrating the quirky goth family, the film also celebrates one of the Addams’ favorite holidays: Halloween.

3 The Addams Family (2019) left fans wanting more, despite its phenomenal soundtrack

IMDb Rating: 5.8

The Addams Family (2019) was the franchise’s first computer-animated film and was consistently praised for its talented cast of voice actors and compelling art style. Unfortunately, the deliciously macabre Addams Family the aesthetic was never meant to fit in with light, kid-friendly content. Because of this, The Addams Family (2019) left many fans wanting more and received mixed and average reviews.

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One of the film’s redeeming qualities is its spooky and catchy soundtrack, which features original songs from renowned artists like Christina Aguilera and Migos that are sure to become Halloween classics. Although the film contains some charming humorous beats, such as Gomez referring to New Jersey as a place “no sane person would be caught dead in“, The Addams Family (2019) lacks the unapologetic gothic sensibility that defined earlier film adaptations.

2 Addams Family Values ​​(1993) epitomizes what audiences love about the delightfully macabre family

IMDb Rating: 6.8

Although Addams Family Values Didn’t perform as well at the box office as its 1991 predecessor, the film contains many redemptive scenes that have since become iconic. One such moment takes place when Wednesday Addams refuses to glorify the atrocities that led to the establishment of Thanksgiving as a holiday in his powerful Thanksgiving game speech.

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Another memorable aspect of Addams Family Values is the villain of the film. While many films follow common tropes like villainy correlated with darkness and outright misery, The Addams Family reverses this trope by making its villain an attractive woman with a benevolent exterior. This role reversal is part of what makes the franchise so special; after all, since the Addams Family is routinely hijacked to be unapologetically gothic, it follows that some of the franchise’s most evil villains are cheerful and brilliant.

1 The Addams Family (1991) paved the way for further film adaptations of The Addams Family

IMDb Rating: 6.9

It should not be surprising that The Addams Family (1991) has the highest IMDb rating of all Addams Family film. Even if it’s not the first Addams Family film to make, it is often recognized as the franchise’s first official film due to Halloween with the New Addams Family absolute failure.

One of the main factors that led to the film’s success was actor Anjelica Huston’s captivating portrayal of the stern but cunning matriarch, Morticia Addams. Since the movie introduced many viewers to the eccentric family, its cast and crew had to knock it out of the park. Fortunately, they could do just that, and The Addams Family (1991) was an undeniable commercial success as a result.

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